You are about to see a ‘miracle’ happen to Credo Mutwa – but it is only reality as it really should be

Wednesday, 03 August 2011 11:48


I met a fantastic healer – and I mean fantastic – called Andreas and his friend and associate, Mike, in Germany when I spoke there in April and I immediately thought of my great friend and soul mate, Credo Mutwa, who had lost the use of his left hand and the whole left side of his body after a stroke.

I arranged for Andreas and Mike to visit Credo for a week and for Andreas to perform his magical (the real laws of physics) healing on the great man.

You are about to see Credo regain the use of his left hand for the first time since his stroke several months ago. If you can watch this without crying I will be surprised – I can’t for sure.

After a few days of treatment this stricken man who could hardly walk is back to the Credo Mutwa that I have long known as if no stroke had ever happened. It is extraordinary on one level, but I knew this would happen after seeing Andreas at work in Germany. I told Credo as he was in despair from the effects of the stroke – ‘I have someone coming to see you, mate, and he will fix you, I know he will.’

As you watch this, remember that days earlier Credo had no use of the left side of his body because of the stroke and could hardly move. He said to me on the phone before this: ‘Mr David, I am now a useless wreck’.

Not anymore, mate. Not anymore.

How absolutely wonderful.

This is Credo walking again with Mike.

This is Credo painting again with his left hand.

And this is Credo back to the man I know …

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