decrypt-matrixIn my years of investigative research I have likened this reality to a large and heavy Mirror hanging on the wall. The picture is super clear, and you think you can see everything going on; but there is always a backside to that mirror, and it will always take significant effort to see.

I’d like to think at this point, that i have a vague idea of what most will find on the backside of the reality-mirror. It is very difficult to explain, and one of those things that individuals have to find for themselves. It will be everything you didn’t expect, and then some. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Execute Boot Sequence

“Warriors are not what you think of as warriors. The warrior is not someone who has the right to take another life. The warrior, for us, is one who sacrifices himself for the good of others. His task is to take care of the elderly, the defenseless, these who can not provide for themselves, and above all, the children, the future of humanity.” -Sitting Bull

Like any computer code, words only carry the information, and are ultimately, only the intent. That intent is either constructive, destructive, or a twisted combination of the two. Words can bring pain, happiness, suffering, fear, anxiety, excitement, and a long list of other emotions into experience. Lines of computer code can bring much the same, through an alternate communication and delivery mechanism. Accountable for the use of these words, and the resulting actions or events; all we really have is ‘choice’ as we each navigate this reality from one moment to the next.

Regardless of not knowing anything about each other, I know us to share some key similarities. We woke up this morning, forced into a reality we didn’t agree to, on a conscious level. Depending on geography, we probably share a similarly hospitable climate.. like one that keeps us alive. Since neither of us share the vacuum of space, its safe to say we are relatives in this experience that is ‘earth’ and its delicate dance within our solar system. This experience is harsh, lush with daily inconveniences, frustrations, heartaches, and tragedy. We’re both here, stuck in a complex and constantly changing ‘now’ and we don’t have a firm answer as to why. Wise man once said, “all Past, Present, and Future, are created in the Now”. Perhaps take a moment to reflect on the importance of this. Again the common denominator between us all? Choice, the ability to make it.

Frequency Match

anon-mirageThe purpose of this statement is to speak only on behalf of myself, and my own direct experiences. I’ve taken the time to organize and formulate the delivery of this release such that it has the capability to immediately benefit your life, and the way in which you can choose to approach this dynamic and ever changing moment. I feel that my motivations, combined with my personal experience, are most relevant for sharing through the collective hive mind that is ‘Anonymous’.

In the interest of time, and sensitivity to length, I’ll be forced to deliver a few ‘shockers’ with little elaboration. For what its worth, I’m willing to bet my currently non-existent reputation on the premise that such statements are what I have discovered to be fact, over many years of research and discovery process. For the skeptics, please find it in your heart to at least make an effort or attempt to prove me wrong, I’d love to hear from you.

The internet, and its tributaries, have brought other researchers’ lifework closer than ever. With the expansive resources available today, chances are you could eventually find someone that has dedicated their life to understanding the subconscious of the honey badger. As a kid I always wondered – what about those researchers that dedicate their lives to all those things we aren’t supposed to know? And why.. are there things we aren’t supposed to know? Why are there just some topics people get uncomfortable discussing? Is it because they don’t understand, or because they don’t want to understand? That never made sense to me. I have come to realize now, that children have this fascinating ability think beyond limitation. So it made me question, where does this ‘subconscious’ limitation actually come from?

The Octopus In The Room

octopusConspiracy: 1. A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. 2. The action of plotting or conspiring.

This shouldn’t sound too unfamiliar, but it is lacking the most common partner noun, Theory. A long time ago, these two words were joined at the hip. The ‘when’ and ‘how’ are not terribly important, but the ‘who’ and the ‘why’ should be.

Drug Wars, Insider Trading, Bail Outs, Fiat Currency, Assassinations, Dictators, Fascism, Manufactured Terrorism, Political Corruption, Stolen Elections, Executive Orders, Constitutional Violations, Wiretapping, Drone Killings, etc etc. This list goes on and on. Tune-in to the Mainstream Media or Alternative News, and you will hear about a brand new one of these in a matter of minutes. Each individually would qualify as Conspiracy, minus any theory. [404 – Theory Not Found] Perpetual conspiracy in our collective reality is not theory, it is fact. Yet the masses are so quick to scoff at this idea of any ‘octopus conspiracy’ linking them all together. Yet behold, these are actually designed, enabled, and promoted by the octopus itself.

“Money is the root of all evil.” We’ve all heard this one. While I do not agree with the statement, there is some truth in that metaphor. Consider however, that money = options. Nothing more, nothing less. Based on one’s background, education, and motivations, those options will likely be leveraged as in the best interest of the owner, often as a form of self-preservation. That owner is free to define what they feel is ‘best interest’, and at what level to ‘self-preserve’. At this level, it has nothing to do with positive or negative.

To be most correct, I would instead surmise that, ‘Debt’ is the root of all evil, as the concept of debt is nothing more than retained ownership, at a cost. ie, slavery. This concept predates any living humans, evidence suggesting back to 5000+ BC. So, to make this crystal clear, Debt = Slavery. All made possible by ‘kingship’, as ancient Kings would dictate all policy, including money creation. This ultimately led to war, conflict, and further separation (amongst humanity).

This ancient control mechanism is connected to another key foundational understanding, the Unified Field. Some call it God – but it doesn’t matter what you call it, nor does it matter if you even believe in it. The only thing we know for sure, is that there is a pervasive energy here that we do not fully understand. Perhaps we are not allowed to understand, or maybe the true value is only gleaned when the answers are ‘found within’ rather than when ‘provided by outside influence’. Fundamentalist Religions explain this through negativity, guilt, separation, etc. They do not promote the obvious unification, connectedness, or self-empowerment that humanity so desperately needs.

Many parts of this global ‘conspiracy’ are linked to this recurring idea of universal-inter-connectedness. Unfortunately for most, the globalist agenda is successful and the result is an embedded programming that rejects these concepts, before any application of legitimate critical thinking. As preposterous as it sounds, those who are the most plugged in, are thinking-for-themselves the least. Corporations rule the world – do you think they want smarter, more educated consumers? All one needs to do is look at the trillions being spent on war, and debt recovery, versus plain and simple education. Government contractors fly around in private jets, and teachers nationwide get pay-cuts and pink slips.

The capitalism argument is long since dead, as the system requires that all participants ‘play fair’. When was the last time that happened? Capitalism is motivated by profits, and profits are always what is best-for-business. Let’s not forget what makes modern capitalism possible, that pesky control mechanism mentioned earlier, Debt Slavery. These days, Central Bankers are the root of all evil, and ultimately the controlling forces behind them pull the Geo-political strings. They hire and fire presidents, lie countries into war, bankrupt or propagate economies, and consistently act on the premise of self-interest. They also depend on our cooperation. Lets look closer:

The Pharmaceutical Industry needs to sell synthetically created pills; so healthy self-healing humans using nature’s herbs, are bad-for-business. Televisions sell products and self-limiting ideas; a TV program, that doesn’t convince the viewer to buy, or makes them feel better about themselves, is actually bad-for-business. The Oil/Coal/Energy Cartel prefers to keep you coming back for a re-fill; so a clean unlimited energy source for all of humanity, is bad-for-business. The Military Industrial Complex builds weapons for both sides; so any peacetime is bad-for-business. Fulfilled and Free-Spirited humans avoid consumerism and mindless spending; empty shopping malls are bad-for-business. Abraham Lincoln ended slavery & wanted no part of a central banking system; Honest Abe, was bad-for-business. John F. Kennedy disbanded the highly corrupt and profitable Central Intelligence Agency, then said “screw the Fed” by minting silver-certificates; so you see even the country’s beloved JFK, was bad-for-business. America’s War Machine needs an elusive and thretening enemy, too bad that ‘captured’ Terrorists have a very different story to tell; so giving them a fair, open trial is.. bad-for-business.

Grab The Bull, And Make Lemonade

I-AM-PerfectThis is the part where you wake up and realize that just about everything in our existence that would be ideal for humanity, is bad-for-business. Things are the way they are, by design. Problems and conflict exist as status-quo, because it is most profitable. Human existence is exploited and profited from, at every possible turn. You pay money to exist – and have been led to believe there is simply no other way. The time for you to finally release this limiting belief system is now. The time for you to take action and do something with this awareness is now.

Your answers are out there. All answers are out there. There are no secrets, only information you have yet to uncover. You are an infinite being within the ultimate creation, and only you can decide what is true, for you. As a Near-Death-Experiencer, I have been fortunate to see the other side, a glimpse of truly unlimited awareness, a chance to Hack-the-Matrix. There are things about your existence that the elite control groups do not want you to know, because it is bad-for-business. What is typically wrapped up and presented to you as ‘truth’, is simply the most profitable version of the official record; valid supporting evidence rarely, if ever supplied.

Decide to unplug yourself from the matrix of deception, and create your own reality – one that you prefer. No one else can do this for you. Or, you can choose to play victim, and reject any responsibility as an individualized expression of the god-force, thus riding a perpetual wave of negativity for as long as your essence will maintain it. Remember that positive, attracts. Negative repels, and separates. Either way, you are the creator, and you are fully supported in your chosen belief system, because that is the true nature of the universe. Whatever you most strongly believe to be true, will eventually come into focus. Until now, this concept has been used against you, just as it was used against me.

Since I have found this reality-matrix to be a self created hologram, I know I must continue to fight the programming, and I do this by loving thy neighbor, all neighbors. I remember that we are each brothers and sisters in a shared dream. Even more.. reflections of a single mind, a single consciousness (like derp, one internet) that doesn’t recognize itself often enough. Note: Find a way to recognize self in nature, and in others.

For those interested in continuing this exploration into the corrupt, mysterious, infinite, and unexplained – I have for the last year developed and managed a website archive, free of any advertisement or corporate exploitation. Consider it my own way of contributing to the this movement, this hive, this mindset, this frequency. While you were sleeping, the Constitution no longer exists, and every citizen is an Enemy of the State. Why not start acting like it? Go for gold – be the Warrior.

United as One – Divided by Zero

Max Maverick, Human