Children’s stories so often end, “And they all lived happily ever after.” But can this ever be true if we just have, say, another twenty, thirty of forty years to live? Even a Prince or Princess has to di

So how come we aren’t going about terrified of the future? Most of us carry on as if we are watching some movie and that the reality on screen has absolutely nothing to do with us personally.

The majority of us must therefore be optimistic, despite sometimes having pessimistic thoughts. We have a strange belief in a sense of security which is built in to the way we mostly think and act.

Philosophers will say that this is simply human stupidity or short-sightedness.

I was mulling this over in my mind when by ‘chance’ I read that Thomas Lethbridge wrote. “When looking back over the past sequences of my life, I have observed that whatever one undertook invariably had a relationship to something one was going to do, perhaps many years afterwards. Something in some archaeological investigation would explain what was found in a completely different bit of work decades later.”

And what he must be talking about is – synchronicity, or some would call it coincidence!

Synchronicity links the parts of our life that matter. It also – Lethbridge’s words again – “… must surely imply the existence of some kind of plan for each individual.”

Behind the ‘random’ things which happen in our lives is a plan. We aren’t running scared every day because of this: we ‘know’ instinctively that we will live on.

A warning though from Lethbrdige, “… those who cannot be bothered to develop their minds will have to return to earth again after death and do the whole business again.”

The clues are out there, synchronicity may well provide the answers. All we have to do is solve the clues and discover our personal plan.

There might really be a ‘game of life’ for all of us to play – enjoy!