She’s also one of the most popular. She claims to have interviewed hundreds of “above Top Secret” subjects; ex-military or government officials who are in the know about the way things really are. Kerry says that she’s seen or heard evidence of a veritable checklist of illuminati conspiracies: alien contact with the human race (including trade and commerce, some of which involves exchanging live humans for alien technology), interstellar war, human access to technologies 10,000 years beyond what’s been revealed to the average person… and genetically and biologically engineered supersoldiers. She was recently in Australia and we caught up with her to talk about all the things you’re (allegedly) not being told.

How have you found the response you’ve gotten to your ideas in Australia? I imagine there are some people who might label you a crackpot…

They don’t call me that to my face! So I don’t know!

So what do you mean by “above Top Secret” informants?

If you think of, say, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden as dealing with “Top Secret” information, I deal with information above that level.

What’s an example of that?

“Black Projects”, as we call them. Usually secret scientific projects that can be anything from genetic engineering to interstellar travel, building bases underground around the world, as well as building bases on other planets. Sending troops off the planet… any kind of project that the government doesn’t want the public to know about. And those things are vast. It could be something to do with a bio-weapon, it could be a plan to depopulate or take over a certain area. It could be regarding treaties with extra terrestrial races who’ve made contact with or have an interest in affairs on Earth. Whatever is entailed in running the world from behind the scenes.

Wow! So… one of your beliefs, and you claim to have proof of this, is that we’ve made contact with aliens. You’ve mentioned that United States President Dwight Eisenhower met with these extra terrestrials, and since then the human race been able to reverse engineer a number of alien technologies, even though the majority of us are being kept in the dark about it…

It’s not a belief. There is evidence. And it’s been happening since way before Eisenhower. Extra terrestrials have been interacting with humans for millennia. Other races, be they humanoid or not, have been involved with Earth, and some even consider Earth to be their home – they were here first. Eisenhower actually met with three races of aliens who were trying to make deals with the US Government.

Is it just the US Government they’d been dealing with?

They’d also been dealing with the Germans during World War Two, and they gave the Nazis technology. There’s also evidence that Tesla was assisted by ETs in his work.

OK. I see. So why do you think aliens have such an interest in Earth? What’s so good or special about us?

There are many things on Earth they find quite desirable, and I have a good number of whistleblowers who have given me information to that effect. My whistleblowers are predominantly ex-military, some of whom are still working for the Secret Government and who have spoken to me off the record. They [the aliens] are very interested in our gold, for example.

Our gold?

Yes. I’m told that gold on Earth is relatively easy to access when compared to getting it off an asteroid, which obviously would have issues when it comes to mining for gold.

You also mentioned aliens wanting to do business and form alliances with us…

Yes. Earth is also a very pleasurable place to do business. There’s also reason to use Earth as a jumping off point to explore the rest of the solar system and the galaxy. Also, apparently human females are considered to be extremely useful for breeding and genetic experimentation. [The extra terrestrials] also come here for food – certain reptilian races consider us as a food source. And then there are those that simply want to do commerce with us and utilise us as allies. We’re very good at building things and we’re also sending troops to conflicts around the universe.

Human soldiers are being sent to interstellar conflicts?

Soldiers who are alleged to be going to Iraq or Afghanistan are actually being sent off planet to places like Mars to fight battles alongside other alien races. Those men and women will have their minds wiped when they come back. This is why we’re having a lot of suicides with ex-soldiers. In some cases their minds have been wiped so many times they become unbalanced as a result. When they return, they don’t know where they’ve been. They think they’ve been to the Middle East, but they’ve actually been elsewhere.

Why do you think our governments and militaries are trying to keep this from us?

They make deals. A lot of the ET races we’re dealing with are extremely technologically advanced. They’re coming to Earth from far away places. They’re jumping through space – through portals – to get here, and they exchange technology for what they want on Earth.

You’ve mentioned that, on occasion, humans have been exchanged for alien technology.

Our governments exchanged humans. There are millions of children, and even adult humans, who have disappeared from the Earth. Humans have been exchanged for technology, and those humans have become slaves, or food sources… or used for breeding purposes. Some extra terrestrials are relatively friendly, others… not so much.

So I’m trying to get a grasp of your world view. Your hypothesis, which you’ve come to from interviewing people you believe to be “above Top Secret” informants, is that aliens exist. That they’ve been making contact with Earth for at least as long as humans have been around, and that there are “above Top Secret“ government and military programs through which we conduct commerce and, on occasion, form military alliances with said aliens. Some of that commerce involves exchanging humans for alien technology. Is that accurate?

Again, I don’t view it as a belief. It’s simply a reality. It doesn’t matter whether someone chooses to believe it or not. It’s like saying: “Does it rain?”. In my view, based on the eight-and-a-half years of investigations I’ve made and the huge amount of above Top Secret witnesses I’ve spoken to, I have to conclude that it’s not open to conjecture. Now, there are lot of people who would like to deny that reality, and there are governments that want to keep people in the dark. So my mission, if you will, is to wake people up to the reality of our interactions with alien races and also to the Secret Government that we know is in operation.

Are there aliens living among us?

We had a witness by the name of Tony Dodd, who was ex-military and very high up in the United Kingdom police. He contacted us behind the scenes. He came forward about some contacts he had within the British monarchy, government and military, and he revealed that they had teams of agents who would track down various aliens around the world. In some cases these teams were just keeping an eye on the aliens, in some cases they were tracking them and in some cases they were killing them. He told us we could be killed for using that information. But he was a very well respected individual in the police force in Britain.

If what you say is true – and whether or not anyone believes you’re a crazy person or whether you’re legitimate, I don’t doubt that you believe it’s true – then you must feel as though you’re in some kind of risk from the powers that be.

There have been people – a man named William Cooper is one, as is another man named Bill Schneider – who worked in above Top Secret for the military. They were killed for revealing information to the public. The bottom line is that yes, I’ve had my life threatened. I’ve had interference, because I have what you might call friends in high places: some extra terrestrials and some “white hats” – people high up in the government and the military who want disclosure. They’re fighting behind the scenes to leak information to the public. They use organisations like mine to help. So I’m being kept alive by a number of those individuals.

OK. So I was also interested in what you described as “supersoldiers”. You believe – or you’ve seen evidence to this effect – that there are humans who have been modified to become interstellar soldiers? How is this achieved? What are they used for?

There are a number of supersoldiers whom I’ve interviewed. They’re usually brought in from the military, but then they’ll have some of their powers enhanced – some by nanotechnology, some by genetic engineering. The ones who I’ve met have enhanced physical powers – they’re stronger, they’re faster, they have enhanced intelligence and psychic ability. They have superpowers. It’s almost like the X-Men films. In the case of a man named Dan Sherman, he was genetically altered. He’s written a book called Above Black. As a result of genetic enhancement and manipulation he has some special powers in terms of his ability to communicate with certain races of ETs in a telepathic capacity.

So who do you think is really in charge of Earth?

Call it what you want, some might call it the illuminati. There are different levels of illuminati, actually. Some are dark magicians – they use black magic. They go by certain occult philosophies. And they’re also Nazis. These are individuals who have banded together to create a new world order. They’re infiltrating all our governments, and they have been for some time now. They’re very much active in Australia, The United States, Europe, Britain… they’re building to a new world order.

Heavy. So am I gonna end up on some kind of government watch list as a result of this interview?

Well, fear is something that everyone needs to get over. That is the reptilian state of mind. A lot of the DNA in our leaders is reptialian- based, and they like to keep people cowering and under control. So I encourage everyone to investigate what I have to say and to watch the over 300 interviews I’ve done with people on the subject. There’s a tremendous amount of information out there. It’s about having an open mind and wanting to investigate what’s real and what’s not.