Local police departments are now receiving a FBI document painting “9/11 truthers” as potential terrorists.

Michael Jackson 1 Day Before Death: A ‘Group of People’ Want to ‘Get Rid of Me’, DoD Whistleblower Confirms

Ben Fulford Updates, Project Camelot Updates

Grid ShutDown Reminder! Recent Warnings of ‘Castestrophic’ Event Corroborated?


***Navy Yard Shooting – False Flag Indicators List Begins***


Aaron Alexis taking Anti-Psychotic / Anti-Depressant ??

Aaron Alexis had filed police report about microwave technology (ELF) being used against him

Aaron Alexis Carved ‘My ELF Weapon’ on the Stock of his Shotgun

Insiders Claim Onsite SWAT Officers at Navy Yard were given ‘Stand Down’ Orders

Possible leak of ‘story’ online before event happened..?


**NSA Updates**

Torvalds On Being Asked to Insert a U.S. Government Back Door Into Linux Kernel

How Tech Companies Could Foil the NSA Gag-Order – Use A Dead Man’s Switch

DOJ to Journalist: ‘Unless you Kill your Story, We’re Giving the Answers to Your Questions to Another Reporter’


**High Tech Exploitation**

NASA and DHS developing a heartbeat detector for use in search and rescue

Apple Fingerprint Scanning – Hackathon begins

Golden-Eye Energy Beam being developed by Nato Scientists

DropBox Documents Opening Automatically – Hacker Sniffs Out Strange Connections


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