In any case, the Air Force has arrived to the conclusion that a certain number of anomalous phenomena has been produced within Belgian airspace. The numerous testimonies of ground observations compiled in this [SOBEPS] book, reinforced by the reports of the night of March 30-31 [1990], have led us to face the hypothesis that a certain number of unauthorized aerial activities have taken place. Until now, not a single trace of aggressiveness has been signaled; military or civilian air traffic has not been perturbed nor threatened. We can therefore advance that the presumed activities do not constitute a direct menace.” “The day will come undoubtedly when the phenomenon will be observed with technological means of detection and collection that won’t leave a single doubt about its origin. This should lift a part of the veil that has covered the mystery for a long time. A mystery that continues to the present. But it exists, it is real, and that in itself is an important conclusion.”

-Major-General Wilfred de Brouwer, Deputy Chief, Royal Belgian Air Force, “Postface” in SOBEPS’ Vague d’OVNI sur la Belgique – Un Dossier Exceptionnel, Brussels: SOBEPS, 1991.

Alien Species
Adamic / Evadamic Hybrids Alpha Centaurians Altairians Andromedains
Antarieans Arcturians Blues / Greens Browns / Greys
Cassiopaeans Draconian Reptilians ELs or EL Hybrids Hybrids / Mixed Species
Hydra Reptilians Iguaniods Insectiods / Mantas Lacertian Reptilians
Lemurian Hybrids Luciferians Lyrans Martians
Neonates Nordics / Agathartians Orions Other Grey Species
Pleiadans Raelians Reptilians / Reptiods Subterranean Reptilians
Serpentine Reptilians Sirius Beings Sirius Reptilians Son’s of Darkness
Son’s of Light The Ancients Ultratraterrestrials Urantian
Vampuria Reptilians Vegans Venusians White Brotherhood of Light
Winged Draconians Zeta Riticulans

Miscellaneous Possibly Related Species ( Non alphabetized)

Mothman / Mothmen Bigfoot / Sasquatch Chupacabras Men in Black / MIB’s
Abominable Snowman Anunnaki Nephilim / Nephilim Gypsies
MILABS Military Abductions Satyrs Plasma Craft UFO Tubes, Rods

Adamic / Evadamic Hybrids

Some people call these the first humans, possibly first hybrid descendants of the Anunnaki . It is believed that the Adam / Eve theme shows up in many cultures over every continent in in many ancient texts. It is also believed that there are two races of beings within our universal locale; Draconian’s (reptiles) and the Evadamic (human) which battled for domination of Terra, or Earth. They would look somewhat middle eastern or Native American, Black, dark brown hair, dark eyes, olive eyes, in rare cases blue eyes. Or are these mythological creatures in world history?

Alpha Centaurians

A humanoid species that has aquatic qualities such as gills, webbed feet an hands allowing them to live beneath our seas. They possibly inhabit our deep ocean depths and piloting UFO’s often seen coming out of our oceans. They have been accredited with cattle mutilations, possess such an advanced weapons systems that other specie swill not war with them. Yet others claim they are here to enlighten our consciousness. Also they’ve been described as being a luminous bluish gray in color of various height.


Supposedly a reptilian ( have seen them described as humanoid/reptilian) species that is associated with the Constellation Aquila, in the Altair solar system. Almost romantic descriptions have been given, they are nomads among the stars, friends to some species of  Nordics, Greys Other planetary military (including ours) and actually help defend Draconian’s. Also league with The Ashtar Command. There are both positive and negative thoughts about The Ashtar Command. My cult groups also channel these entities.


Are they myth or reality? Ancient Greek mythology suggest these ‘beings’ are in association with the gods from the star system Cassiopeia. The brave Hercules had to kill Medusa (a reptilian?) and other Beings, only then to kill himself by fire in the end. God “Zeus”, supposedly fathered many offspring, well know are: and then took Andromeda’s hand in marriage. There is more fiction based info on the Internet than dealing with UFO alien being related information. for reading on the god of Greece read here. information is furnished



A humanoid species associated with underground bases on earth under Antarctica and associated with fair haired pale almost bluish skinned races. I believe there are at least two other blue skinned races. In some explanations, it’s said that these creatures also have reptilian qualities, they have slits instead of regular pupils and eye colors ranging from pale yellow to bright green more in tune with a cat or snakes eyes. In other explanations it is said they may be a pure Aryan race and have the swastika on their ships.


According to Edgar Cayce, the Arcturians are supposedly the most advanced beings in our Galaxy with the ability for dimensional travel. Their society which is a similar structure to that of earth. Apparently they are supposed to bring peace among warring planets. My thought  is ALL Aliens have the ability to enter our earth by dimensional means. Or possibly some species have been here before humankind.

Blues / Greens

They’ve been described as short and stocky as in Whitley Strieber’s book, ‘Communion’. They are uniformed have wide faces and a darker blue color with almost comic movements, appearing to float or glide along. In Whitley’s experience, they were behaving like medical doctors and examined him. Others have described as looking like a typical Grey except for the coloration and even humanoid varying from dark to brilliant blue. The was a 7 year-olds rendition.

Browns / Greys

Browns are rarer, like the rare blues and there are several grey species. Browns have been describes as 3 -7 feet tall, in  various shades of brown to a tan color. Skin has been described in some cases a leathery, wrinkled appearance and eye size varies from a large almond shape to small and reptile like.


The Cassiopaeans are supposedly a highly advanced intelligent race of humanoids from the star system of Cassiopeia. Several New Age groups proclaim to channel these beings via telepathic communications. This is possibly another race based in more myth than fact.  They have be described as beings of light,  beings with halos or appearing in a dimensional energy form surrounded by light. Note: Coming form a former channeling cult I cannot place much stock in depending on channeled information as a source for credible information dealing with entities or aliens, or future selves….)

Draconian Reptilians

Will describe all forms of reptilian beings…so many species that each has it’s own category. These are called Drac’s for short and have a reputation of being cunning, highly intelligent, are very predatory warlike creatures. These are not the good guys, although many people would argue the point.  They have been connected to Roswell, New Mexico cover-up and Dulce Caverns in New Mexico, to underground military bases supposedly in connection with our government and MILABS. They have webbed fingers, nails which resemble talons, with various shades of dark greenish grey scaly skin and have reptile eyes in various colors. They have the ability to shape shift and mask as human. They seem to feed off human energy, off of our fear or other highly charged emotions. Several sources claim they are the original inhabitants of Earth and were driven from the planet by the visiting Adamic / Evadamic (humanoid species) race who may have been part of the Anunnaki and headed for the Draco Star System, many thousands of years ago and will return to take over earth again.

EL’s or EL Hybrids

These are godlike beings of super human strength intelligence and abilities often thought to be the first peoples or akin to a mating of sky gods and mankind. It’s possible that these are what many ancient mythologies are based upon. There are several descriptions that would fit early Greek accounts of humans with super human powers such as Cronus ( the father of the universe) and Rhea who are the parents of Zeus.

The El’s are said to be related to the Phoenician and Canaanite gods called the Elohim which is found in conjunction with Ezekiel’s Wheel, and the pillars of fire that many claim is proof of extraterrestrial visitation. The word EL, translates into meaning, powerful — “The Strong (or Powerful) One.”

Hybrids / Mixed Species

There are many accounts of hybrids with just about every alien species. Below are a few that have been aptly described.

The Grey/ Human Hybrid — Many abductees describe accounts of seeing half human/ alien children in which they are periodically made to bond with. Children are often described as having oversized heads, large human or alien eyes small noses, small mouths and sparse hair in various colors. Their skin color varies between grey to pale white body type is slim to emaciated but there’s been a few descriptions of seeing children who are of normal weight. Many abductees also remember seeing living fetus hybrids in tanks apparently waiting to be born.

The Reptilian/Human Hybrid— Apparently reptilian human hybrids don’t look much different from other humans. There are accounts throughout history of a serpent race of beings who mated with mankind to create a new bloodline. Some people believe that the human race of homo-erectus IS the genetic coupling of reptilians and humanoids. There is evidence of a godlike race (in some descriptions a serpent race) which visited earth and coupled with humans. There are many accounts written on clay tablets from the Sumerian era. This theme permeates many cultures. It’s also believed that these reptilian hybrid bloodlines are aristocratic and comprised of kings, royals and noblemen starting in the middle east and spreading to every continent. Some people claim they have the ability to see through the human outer shell into the reptilian underneath.

Hydra Reptilians

An aquatic reptilian species that lives in or near water, are around 5 feet tall, they have scaly webbed feet and hands. as well as gills and began reportedly coming from the constellation Hydra (also called ‘The Sea Serpent’) which is comprised of three star systems of Beta Hydrae, Epsilon Hydrae and N Hydrae. In Greek mythology there are the dragons Hydra, Python, and the dragon Typhon, all serpent like.

There are many names of serpent gods and goddesses for that matter throughout every continent including hybrid prototypes engraved on tombs, on walls of unearthed ancient cities in the middle east.

Insectiods / Mantas

Insect like beings, with big bug like eyes and thin mantas like bodies. They have been described as being 4 to 7 feet tall and are usually accompanied with small neonatal types of dark skinned grays. Some have been described as wearing hooded capes or robes. According to reports, both malevolent and benevolent agendas are being administered.


Approximately 4-5 ft. tall, with a thick base tail which touches the ground, much like an Iguana as well a hominid exterior.  Abductees have often described them as seen wearing hooded monk type robes as well, capes which conceal there reptilian look which include tails. They seem to have a malevolent agenda, and some claim they are associated with sorcery, black magic. They have reddish, more sanguine colored eyes.

Lacertian Reptilians

A species of aquatic reptilians from these have been described as lizard-like creatures  4- 6 feet tall, with gills, scales on various colors and are of the reptilian order. Some believe they were once depicted as ancient half fish/human gods of Syrian decent. They are reported to possess telepathic abilities as well as the ability to place thoughts inside humans. They are supposedly from the constellation Lacerta, the called the lizard, which extends from the head of the constellation Cepheus to the foot of the star system Perseus. Women experiencers have described being deceived  and raped as these creatures had the ability to mask as movie or  rock stars in dream-like experiences. They’ve illustrated scenes of tepid enclosed rooms with warm pools of water that are used to mate with both male and female humans. There ships have been described as either wormlike or triangular.

Lemurian Hybrids

Lemurians are a humanoid species that hale from Pleiades. They are humanoids, dark hair and olive skin, usually brown almond-like eyes and supposedly settled in India and other areas of the middle east. They are supposedly here to enlighten the consciousness and traveled here many millennium ago because of the vibrant natural resources of what they call Terra (earth). There are several groups of people who claim to be channeling Lemurians message of peace.


They’ve been described as the demonic manifestation of the the alien races and have been depicted as looking like earth bound demons but have the ability to mask as human. Others have stated they are a dominant species with intent on taking over earth and enslaving humans and are supposedly connected to the Illuminati. Most likely they are reptilian in origin, as the description implies.


The human inhabitants of Lyra, who are said to have a common origin with earths human species, and the species of Terrain who are supposedly bent on taking over our galaxy. They come in all shapes, sizes from dark-skinned to Caucasian there is supposedly  a red haired, light skinned giant race, with rather large features. Lyrans were evidently driven out of their star system several thousand of years ago and relocated to many areas in the galaxy.


Martians are obviously supposedly form our solar systems planet Mars. They been described as small little green men with antennae, or as an lizard like reptilian inner planet species, even humanoid. Most every description has been given. Some schools of thought think that Mars was once inhabited by humans, and they escaped to earth when resources dried up. Other believed that a Martian planetary upheaval war/planetary changes due to a pole shift. Surprisingly recent discoveries of water underneath the poles, and clear evidence of river channels, etc. as well as water on the surface makes one wonder. There is a school of thought that we once inhabited Mars- and teraformed Terra known as Earth. because of WAR.


The Neonates are an alien species with extreme intelligence. Neonates are three to four feet tall, have a fetus-like facial appearance with a large oversized cranium. They are thin muscled and spindly, have light gray to dark cream-colored skin, five digits on each hand and are reported to possess telepathic abilities. Neonates are often times mistaken for Greys, another similar alien species in stature and color. However, the Neonates (unlike the grays) have pupils and retinas in their unusually large eyes. The eyes of Alien Greys are large too, but they are entirely black and have no distinguishable pupils or retinas in them. Alien Greys have only four digits on each hand as opposed to the five digits on each hand of the Neonate.

It was the Neonate species that was reportedly involved in the Roswell New Mexico UFO crash in 1947. It is also the Neonate species that allegedly abducted Betty and Barney Hill in 1962; the first documented ‘Alien Abduction’ case on record. During that abduction Betty Hill was told by these Neonate aliens that they originated from the Zeta Riticuli star system.

Nordics / Agathartians

A tall race of blond haired, blue eyed humanoids often related to the star system Pleiades’.   Both male and females are well built with muscular athletic bodies and stand over 6 feet tall. Facial features are humanoid, with eyes, nose and lips that vary in size. They are described as a benevolent race in connection with contact experiences.


As the Nordics are light haired and eyed, the Orions have been reported to be tall, dark haired with brown almond shaped eyes and  have a malevolent war like personas. Others claim they are the keepers of the heavens and actually prevent the malevolent Draconian species from attacking earth while other reports claim they are in conjunction with other warlike malevolent species.

Other Grey Species

There are as many descriptions of Greys as there are shades of gray. Other species include heights ranging from 2 to 12 feet tall, willowy to muscular bodies large eyes to small humanlike eyes. Skin textures have been describes as fine scales, to the feeling of eel skin and human hairless skin.


Usually tall and human looking , Pleiadans have been described as the other humanoid race of the universe with varying hair and eye and skin colors, One species is supposedly look human, but with luminous blue skin a thick wooly red hair.


Human people posing as aliens, formed in the mind of cult guru Rael (The Clonaid people, who’ve have unsubstantiated claims of cloning the first human.) Raelians are supposed to ascendants be our human race and the missing link. Supposedly this group seeded earth with another indigenous species which made humans as we are today. A whole subculture of world wide believers have grown around the leader. Similar to the Uranthans.

Reptilians / Reptiods

There are a variety of Reptilian species that are non hominid, bipedal and literally cool or cold blooded.  There have been rare reports of a positive interaction with them. Descriptions vary, but a commonality seem to be the reptilian features of greenish grey reptile flesh colored skin with eyes that have slits.  They range in all heights as well, including tails and sheaths which hide their sexual organs. A Majority of reports claim they are perpetuating malevolent agendas.

Subterranean Reptilians

A species of Reptiods that is said to inhabit the subterraneous areas of Earth, the Moon and Mars. Apparently they claim to be earths original inhabitants and say the were driven underground by rogue aliens  called Terrans. There is a whole sub culture of people who believe that they are from these reptilian/human bloodlines.

Serpentine  Reptilians

Reptilians that are snake like in appearance with yellow to red colored irises and elongated pupils. They have been reported to being dark greenish gray, over several feet tall with viper shaped heads, long tails and snake like scales. They have snake like movements. Others have reported them to be giant snakes, larger than the Anaconda, and they  are sentinels, guards that will capture or kill humans who get too close to discovering  subterranean reptilian species.

Sirius Reptilians

This is an aquatic reptilian species supposedly from our neighboring Dog Star Sirius. They have been described as bipedal, average in height with webbed hands and feet with gills, and others believe they are associated with the half human, half fish or mermaids and mermen. Supposedly the species have underwater bases on earth.

Sirius Beings

The Dogon peoples of Sudan, Africa believe that they received their vast  knowledge of the stars from visitors to Earth, called Nommos – who are amphibian beings sent to Earth from Sirius for the benefit of humanity. The Sumerians depicted their gods as half human/fish and claimed these gods fell from the sky.

Son’s of Darkness

This is a species that has supposedly perpetuated a war within our universe to battle for the human soul, and domination over all humanoid species since the beginning of time. It’s unclear if they are a true alien species or demonic as both sides of the Bible and UFO camps claim them as their own.  There has been reference to them in the Bible, and in other religious texts. My Research suggests they may be a little of both.

Son’s of Light

This is a species that fights the Sons of Darkness within our universe to battle for the human soul, and  supposedly sent to protect all humanoid species since the beginning of time. It’s unclear if they are a true alien species or angelic. There has been reference to them in the Bible, and in other religious texts including the Keys of Enoch.

The Ancients

Supposedly the first species to come to earth and taught humankind the ability to grow crops and organize in communities. They are connected to the Phoenicians, Egypt and referenced in the Bible.

Ultra terrestrials

Supposedly  the species of Greys that were involved in the  infamous Roswell, New Mexico  crash  They are described as beings with large heads, willowy bodies. Supposedly, these creatures who gave the government a technological boost in exchange for human experimentation. They are supposedly capable to live underground.


According to believers the Urantia Brotherhood are benevolent teachers of the universe and are human looking. They are described as humanoid, in all shapes, colors and sizes.  They were sent to help humanity to recover before the end times They will supposedly manifest before humans destroy themselves. A whole subculture of believers have formed around the Book of Urantia. Very similar to the the structure and belief of  Raelians.

Vampuria Reptilians

Supposedly a species of reptilian that sustains its life force by siphoning off human energies and emotions. They are several feet with a  bulb like hump between their foreheads, elongated arms and legs, eyes are red with slits for pupils, the bodies are reptile like bipedal and hands have four digits with dark talons. They are a hybrid species. I am writing about them now.


Supposedly a couple of species exist. The humanoid species descended as refugees from the Lyran Wars,  they  work closely with other refugee-colonists now living in the Pleiades.  They look human are said to be gentle and peaceful.

The second group is also humanoid but with the characteristics of a reptile or insect like, they are described as having a greenish tint to their skin, but colors range from flesh to black. Both species are said to have large eyes


Brought into popularity by the late George Adamski , Venusians are supposedly humanoid looking with various  skin and eye colors. They wear military type uniforms and working with the world governments as well as monitoring earthlings progress. They supposedly have underground bases in the Nevada desert.

White Brotherhood of Light

These are supposedly humanoid beings that are comprised of brilliant light bodies in various shimmering colors. They are supposedly covertly helping humankind to become spiritual peaceful race. They apparently are teachers , do not have direct physical communication and prefer to channel their information.

Winged Draconians

They are tall, over seven feet, reptilians with dark reptile scales, elongated hands with thick black talons on 4 fingers. Their features are pointed and angular, large reptile eyes  and thin but muscular bodies. They are very dragon like in appearance. They have the ability to shape shit to propagate. They are hostile in their abductions, they’ve been known to manipulate and invade dreamscapes.  They feed of the emotions and energies of fear, anger. and use hypnosis , mind control .A very cunning aggressive reptilian species with the ability for trans-dimensional as well as Interdimensional travel. It appears that their  sole agenda is to destroy the souls of humans, humanoid species throughout the universe.

Zeta Riticulans

A grey species , generally around 4 feet tall in various shades of gray,  with large heads and large shiny black eyes. there body structures are thin, and they have the ability to telepathically communicate with each other as well as humans. Zetas who are largely responsible for abductions. Some claim they have a benevolent intent while other claim they are like drones who do lab work and other experiments possibly for another species.

Miscellaneous  Possibly Related Species

Mothman / Mothmen

The Mothman is a winged entity which has the ability to shape shift into anything it desires.  Sightings of this creature are worldwide and it  seems to just appear after a UFO flap but doesn’t seem related. According to lore, It first appeared in Virginia in 1966. It appears to several people in the same locale, effecting their  psychic ability to predict future events and then it will vanish prior to a major catastrophic event.

Bigfoot / Sasquatch

It is also called Yeti, Abdominal Snowman and Skunk Ape.  This large hairy / furry creature has been reported worldwide throughout various cultures and on every continent  The descriptions are similar; several feet tall  with varying fur colors, it is a hominid species, possibly relating to the ape family but it’s bipedal walking completely upright. Sightings indicate it is an intelligent creature with human like movements.  It’s often described as having a very  foul body odor.


It drives its name from the term ‘goat sucker’ because is literally drinks the blood of its victims.  The  physical  descriptions vary in height.  But is generally described as about four feet tall  with large red elongated eyes, grey skin that is part fur and part feathers, short arms with claws, legs like a kangaroo, and a line of sharp spikes down the middle of it’s back. They are supposedly very powerful animals. Some reports indicate it has  wings and can fly. It’s been reported in both North and South America as well as the Caribbean.  And appears in conjunction with UFO sightings.

Abominable Snowman

See Bigfoot description, but often described as white.

Men in Black / MIB’s

Humans who have unusual almost artificial features, almost looking like clones of each other.  They are of average height, average looks, dark hair and eyes and appear to be extremely well  groomed.  They dress in dark or black suits, or other clothing and wear thick soled black shoes. They appear after a UFO sighting or abduction experience often asking unusual  questions about the event or even talking in gibberish, and not making any sense.  They have been known to represent themselves as government officials and issue threats about discussing the sighting, experience with anyone. This phenomenon is often reported in conjunction with UFO sightings


Described in the Bible and other ancient text as the sons of heaven who came down to mate with women of earth because they found them fair. There is mention of the Anunnaki / and Nephilim in ancient Sumerian writings as the sons of God. Zechariah Sitchin in his series of books called ‘The Earth Chronicles’  writes that the Anunnaki are a race of beings that come from our solar systems 12th planet called Nibru. See also Nephilim

The planet is supposedly on an elliptical orbit with earth and comes around every 3500 years. Its also suggested that these aliens are the ascendants of the latest version of Cro-Magnon Man, mated with human species because they found us genetically compatible. In other words they are supposedly the missing link.

Nefilim (also spelled Nephilim)

The fallen ‘Angels of Heaven’ perhaps, some claim they are the hybrids of the ‘Watchers’ and inter-mated with the women of earth during the time of Noah.  They were giants that were seven to ten feet tall. According to some research The Anunnaki and Nefilim might be one and the same species.

Nibiruans  See Anunnaki


Some reports refer to the Gypsies as having a connection with the UFO mystery or knowledge of alien races. The Gypsies purportedly hold knowledge of an ancient war, UFO crafts and technology, etc. It is supposedly a carefully guarded secret among various Gypsy tribes. Some claim to have traced the Gypsies back to ancient India, Egypt and other middle eastern regions. Many scattered across Europe

MILABS  Military Abductions

It’s been reported that all branches of the military have been involved in a military cover-up of untold proportions and actually abduct people to make them think they have been abducted by aliens.


Small hairy humanoids with cloven hoofs which inhabit deep caverns beneath South America and elsewhere. According to some reports, They may be members of a  pre- Adamic race which possessed angelic, animal AND humanoid characteristics. Now allied with the reptilians. They have been known, according to natives, to ‘kidnap’ women and children down through the ages and many stories are told of South American tribes who have battled these creatures with machetes during certain of their forays to the surface in search for women, children or food.

Plasma Craft UFO

This type of anomaly has been described as looking like a huge floating jellyfish. It appears to pulsate like a living creature and has been described as having rotating colors of red, golden yellow and white. It seems intelligently powered either as a living entity or a possible craft and has been spotted hovering over houses, roadways before disappearing.

Tubes or Rods

This is a recent anomaly occurs near or around many UFO sightings. It is an elongated tube shape anomaly that erratically moves in all directions.   It’s been captured on camera and video film footage and isn’t a film glitch or camera anomaly often unnoticed until film is developed or video footage is played back.