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Decrypted Matrix Truth Seekers Archive
How Online Privacy Tools Are Changing Internet Security
How online privacy tools are changing Internet security and driving the (probably quixotic) quest for anonymity in the digital age. For many of us, the Internet is like a puppy—lovable by design and fun to play with, but prone to biting. We suspect that our digital footprint is being... Read more
Whonix: The Anonymous Operating System
Whonix is an anonymous general purpose operating system based on Virtual Box, Ubuntu GNU/Linux and Tor. By Whonix design, IP and DNS leaks are impossible. Not even malware with root rights can find out the user’s real IP/location. Whonix consists of two machines, which are connected through an isolated... Read more
How To Hack Satellite Internet & Surf Anonymously
  A Spanish researcher demos new satellite-hijacking tricks with cybercriminal potential. Satellites can bring a digital signal to places where the Internet seems like a miracle: off-the-grid desert solar farms, the Arctic or an aircraft carrier at sea. But in beaming data to and from the world’s most remote... Read more
VPN vs. SSH Tunnel: Which Is More Secure?
VPNs and SSH tunnels can both securely “tunnel” network traffic over an encrypted connection. They’re similar in some ways, but different in others – if you’re trying to decide which to use, it helps to understand how each works. An SSH tunnel is often referred to as a “poor... Read more
Bitcoins & The Future Of Online Currency
Bitcoins are not mere drug currency. Bitcoins are not failing. Okay? Are we clear about that? Good. The future of online commerce looks to rely less and less on the physical amount of money you have in your bank accounts and wallets and more on what you could call... Read more
An Analysis of Anonymity in the Bitcoin System
Bitcoin is not inherently anonymous. It may be possible to conduct transactions is such a way so as to obscure your identity, but, in many cases, users and their transactions can be identified. We have performed an analysis of anonymity in the Bitcoin system and published our results in a preprint... Read more
The Right to Anonymity is a Matter of Privacy
Electronic Frontier Foundation Defending your rights in the digital world  January 28, 2012 | By Jillian C. York This January 28marks International Privacy Day. Different countries around theworld are celebrating this day with their own events. This year, we are honoring the day by calling attention to recent international... Read more
Occupy Wall Street has called for a global day of action on October 15, and protesters are mobilizing all over the world. In the United States, the Occupy Wall Street movement has already spawned sizeable protests in New York, Washington DC, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, Austin, and other... Read more