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Goldman Sachs Bribed Senate To Pass Bailout Bill
  How much bribe money does it take to transfer $700 Billion taxpayer dollars to Wall Street’s elite? GOLDMAN SACHS CONTRIBUTIONS: Obama, Barack (D-IL) $691,930 Clinton, Hillary (D-NY) $468,200 Romney, Mitt (R) $229,675 McCain, John (R-AZ) $208,395 Himes, Jim (D-CT) $114,748 Giuliani, Rudolph W (R) $111,750 Dodd, Christopher J... Read more
LOBBYING: Closer to Bribery, or Extortion?
We’ve certainly talked quite a bit about the institutional-level corruption of the way Congress and lobbying works, but a recent This American Life episode, done in partnership with thePlanet Money team takes a much deeper dive into how lobbying works. You absolutely should listen to it. It’s really fascinating, even for folks who follow a... Read more
Track Influence of Money by Bills, States or Congresspeople
Telling people that the men and women in Congress sometimes vote with special interests in mind is like telling people that pro wrestling is staged. We all know it happens but it’s just an inevitable part of the process. While there are sources to see who gives money to... Read more
INFOGRAPHIC: Monsanto Overlapping Corporate & Governement Interests
Nature Assassin Patent Trolls: Monsanto Top Brass & Organizational Structure
Child Organizations Monsanto Fund   Philanthropic arm of Monsanto Board Members and Executives 1-20 of 31 :: prev 1 2 next Hugh Grant   Chairman & CEO of Monsanto Director   David F Snively Senior Vice President   Tom D Hartley Vice President... Read more