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Decrypted Matrix Truth Seekers Archive
‘Freedom of Information Act’ Processes Increasingly Managed by Private Companies
A Bloomberg investigation shows that the federal government is paying a military contractor facing allegations of torture to manage some public records work.  The Freedom of Information Act allows ordinary people to learn about behind the scenes functions of our government. There are a number of limited, discrete exemptions... Read more
TrapWire Tied to Anti-Occupy Internet-spy Program Tartan by NTrepid Abraxas Cubic
How do you make matters worse for an elusive intelligence company that has been forced to scramble for explanations about their ownership of an intricate, widespread surveillance program? Just ask Cubic, whose troubles only begin with TrapWire. Days after the international intelligence gathering surveillance system called TrapWire was unraveled... Read more
Shredding the Constitution: National Detention, Targeted Killing and Spying Cases
Indefinite detention, targeted killing and warrantless wiretapping are hot issues in the courts this week. Here’s the latest: INDEFINITE DETENTION // The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012 provision that allows the government to indefinitely detain US citizens without charge or trial is once again in effect, after... Read more