Prince & Princess programming from birth – Cinderella characters painted to poignanty fit

By Zen Gardner
Before Its News
May 13th, 2011

Yes, “only Princes and Princesses can have fairy tale or story book lives. Oh, what wretched peons the rest of us are. We don’t deserve to even be in their presence.”

And so fables from antiquity to today perpetrate the tyranny of the self-appointed few, who live more and more lavishly while the real people of the earth suffer hardship and shortages.

The Apparent Message of “Royalty”

(Mockery by Zen): ‘We decree that we are allowed to play by different rules. We can heap unto ourselves as much treasure as we want and live in total opulance. We are your rulers, but will graciously allow you to experience your joys and happiness vicariously through our presupposed purity, pomp and grandeur. Despite our godlike greatness and splendor, we will stoop to your level, although with deference. You will love and covet our ceremonies, our costumes, and even our scant attention to your menial lives.

We shall rule from on high, as from Mount Olympus, while you shall do the chores….and you shall do it thankfully, knowing you are serving your demigods’.

Whatta crock.

The Royal Protocol

An awake and aware individual would be offended by the following excerpt, and see it as degrading and almost unreal.

However, it comes from an “informative” website that glorifies and oozes about European royalty. In it, the “rest of us” are referred to as “commoners”, and the ruling sovereign as “the highest order of human being”.

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