Tila Exposing the Illuminati and NWO on Twitter:
1. “If you protest against the GOV…theyll put you in jail and charge you for being Anti-American, when really, you had the right to.”
2. “One World Order isn’t too far away folks. Everything happening now is part of the big plan. They’re gonna start putting micro-chips in you.”
3. “The last president spent 12 billion dollars a MONTH of OUR TAX DOLLARS to fight a war. That money coulda saved our whole country instead.”
4. “And people have actually forgotten that in the Amendment, THE PEOPLE, have power to overturn the GOV, to which they are about to scrap that.”
5. “They also like to instill “FEAR” into the country, because the more “FEAR” you are in, the more likely they can control you with more laws.”
6. “They put in you jail for not payin taxes because they KNOW that u don’t know the truth and wont be able to afford a lawyer to defend u.”
7. “Trust me, paying taxes is not IN THE LAW! People just abide to it cuz they think it’s the law. But there are NO documents stating its a law!”
8. “oh and dont let me tell u about TAXES! Did you know that it is NOT a law that you HAVE TO PAY TAXES? Wow..hold up..droppin 2 much knowledge.”
9. “Just like the Electric Car that was invented. It runs faster than most cars, no gas needed, quiet, but GOV. axed it cuz gas no longer needed.”
10. “U wanna know more truth? Some form of electric free generator had enough power to light up an entire city. They Axed it cuz it would be free.”
11. “The GOV. and PRES is actually NOT highest rank. It is the people in the FEDERAL RESERVE. They run everything. The Masons. Ok im really dead.”
12. “Did you know that the “internet” was actually invented centuries ago? But only the GOV. had use of it until they decided to go public.”
13. “Y do u think CNN and news stations covered Paris Hilton goin 2 jail? they were tryin 2 distract country from bein angry at BUSH 4 goin 2 war.”
14. “And don’t let me get started on CHURCH GROUPS and RELIGION….another Government conspiracy connected to the Federal Reserve. Ok im dead.”
15. “I can’t stand ignorant people…but it’s not their fault cuz school systems SUCK anyway. They haven’t updated textbooks from the 50s!!!!!”
16. “They also have a cure for AIDS and CANCER, but if they put out the cure, BILLIONS of dollars will be lost in the pharmaceutical industry.”
17. “Oh and dont let me get started on our “shitty economy” and how that is slightly part of the plan…..I’ll stop now before I get in trouble.”
18. “John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, Martin Luther King, Malcom X just to name a few…influential or knew the truth. Killed by Government.”
19. “Sooooo I’m just gonna stick to this “fun-loving carefree and harmless, non-activist, non-extremist” type person and keept it simple. =)”
20. “Or even worse…..they would Kill me. Yes….the GOV would find a way to KILL me, if my voice becomes too powerful in unveiling the truth.”
21. “I wish I could tell you more about the stuff I know….but I guarantee you, someway, somehow, the Gov. will delete or block my blogs 4 truth.”
22. “A lot of U sound surprised that I know a lot about this stuff. This is the other side of Tila that I dont share w/the world. The SMART side.”
23. “Although I DO have a very strange feeling that secretly, the Government is already doing that on a subtle level. Its all fucked up!”
24. “Let’s PRAY they dont start doing that in AMERICA! Imagine doin a google search for something and nothing comes up but butterflies N unicorns.”
25. “China is a Communist Country! IT IS A SCARY PLACE TO BE LIVING UNDER COMMUNISM! It’s fucked up! People dont have freedom to do anything!”
26. “Like did you guys know that they BANNED me in CHINA??? They blocked my myspace page and people cant search for me online! Scary huh? LOL”
27. “But dont ya’ll think it’s scary that people can control what you think is the “TRUTH?” It’s scary to have censorship. They hide the truth!”
28. “Ohhhh but I knew it would get deleted so I took a screenshot of it! I’m gonna post it now…BRB!!!!!!”
29. “I just think it’s NOT LEGIT….it’s almost like PROPAGANDA! It’s fucked up! U think u have freedom but theres always someone controlling you.”
30. “It’s crazy what people who control powerful websites can do! Like during the presidential campaign, myspace blocked all my bulletins to vote.”
31. “Like when Perez begged them 2 take down the #unfollowperez trend and it got taken down…if that’s the case. I dont think trending is legit.”
32. “That’s really scary to know that people who run big websites like this can control what goes on trend and what they can take down.”


Both Alex Jones and Larry King cancelled interviews with celebrity actress Tila Tequila…. why?

Larry King? Well that’s a no brainer, he’s probably ‘swinging with the reptoids”…Alex Jones though? A bit surprising.

Twitter closed her account.

Facebook closed her account too


Alex Jones doesn’t like to talk about certain things (list what you come up with below)… I don’t spend endless time following him, although I do respect what he does and who he is, he does seem to be “supported” by an unseen hand.

“Prison planet” and “infowars”… while informative, hardly take us to the golden age… you can’t just keep protesting something from the same energy which the problems are created… you must offer the alternative from a higher spiritual perspective.

Perhaps there’s so much EXPLOSIVE interest in Tila, because she’s speaking truth… what she is saying about “The Others”, is rocking hollywood…. plus she believes in God and has the power of God within her…. we all do, but she realizes it.

Key Takeaways:
1. If Tila wasn’t onto something in all that she revealed, then her Twitter and Facebook accounts would not have been blatantly deleted.
2. Alex Jones invited Tila on the show for an interview then cancelled. He is clearly a fraud, or as Tila would say, “working for the others”. This has been a good litmus test to see what he’s actually made of and the true intentions behind his work.

Here is Tila’s first blog about the Illuminati:

“Hello Dear Ones,

Now, before you start bashing me for thinking that I am “HATING” on Lady GaGa, let me please tell you first that I am not, nor is this post about that. I just wanted to bring light to something that I have known for a VERY long time. Maybe some of you remember me going on about an hour tweeting about these “secrets” that I know of, a long time ago on my old Twitter account. A lot of people knew what I was talking about and was in awe or shocked that I knew so much about it. Other’s who don’t know much about it just thought I was talking “crazy” and “nonsense.” However I feel as though it is my duty to start bringing to light the truth behind what is going on in our world today. So unless you have an open mind, then I digress for you to not continue reading my post. However if you indeed DO have an open mind, or know of these “HINTS” I am dropping to you, then please continue reading. Just letting you guys know, that I will start posting more and more about this, in bits and pieces, as I don’t want to come out and straight up say the whole thing. But if you follow my posts about this, you shall understand my subliminal message that I want to send you, so you can understand what is happening to you and what “THEY” are doing to you.

Ok first of all, do you guys notice how lately, music video’s have a VERY DARK AND SATANIC vibe to them?? For instance a few years ago, pop music video’s were fun, sexy, cute etc. Sorta like when Britney Spears was at the peak of her career and had fresh pop music video’s like “Stronger” or “I’m a Slave For You” “Don’t Let Me Be the Last to Know” etc. You get my point. Compare music video’s from back then until just now. VERY RECENTLY in the past few years. ESPECIALLY once Lady GaGa stepped on the scene, all the music video’s has turned very DARK & SATANIC! I am not joking.

Even Beyonce is now in on it. I don’t want to tell you all of what I know, RIGHT NOW, because “THEY” are watching. As a matter of fact, I had a HUGE battle with “THE OTHERS” for a long time and I must admit, they are powerful. But there needs to be someone, anyone, to stand up against them and for our world to be restored back into peace and harmony once again.

Hmmm… How can I put this. Well, all of Lady Gaga’s Video, even Beyonce’s new video, and XTINA, Miley Cyrus. They all are all of a sudden very DARK & SATANIC! There are TONS of hidden messages in the video and symbols that prove that they worship satan. Please don’t take this as a joke. It is not and it is serious. The Government even now has a way to send out frequencies on your TV that you cannot hear, yet it highly affects your brain and mixed in with all the visuals from the music video’s, you become hypnotized without you even realizing this. That sounds crazy right? Well it is true. I have been studying about this for the past 7 years now and kept quiet about it for a long time, except when I chat with other groups of people I know that also know about “THE OTHERS” if I told you the ENTIRE THING, it will really blow your mind away, but I feel it is SO IMPORTANT for people to know what is happening to them.

This all leads to the urgency of what the Government knows about the 2012 theory of the World Ending. It’s not exactly what you think. There is a lot more to it, I wish I could tell you, but like I said, I will post more blogs to hint to you little by little of what I know and who I have come in contact with to find out even MORE stuff about this. There has been something going on that set off the “RED ALERT” “URGENCY” signal, so that’s why all the pop music video’s are becoming more and more satanic and the artists involved are joined in with “THE OTHERS” so they know what they are doing. Have you guys heard the term “SELL YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL” and you get whatever you want? Well that’s actually true, however the “DEVIL” is real. Rihana, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, XTINA, Miley Cyrus, and yes even Taylor Swift amongst hundreds of others who are apart of this allegiance. It’s all “HUSH HUSH” but I know about it, and I know maybe some of you guys know about it as well. I won’t say it, like I did on my Twitter back then, cuz when I did, all of a sudden Twitter blocked my tweets so no one could see them, and Myspace was also blocking all of my bulletins about this stuff. CRAZY right?

Anyway, the reason behind them doing this with the urgency of the music video’s is because they NEED to turn your brain to mush, so that you just become a vegetable, a robot, a zombie, under their command and not realize it. Have you guys seen the the movie “EYES WIDE SHUT?” well it is VERY SIMILAR TO THAT as well as the movie “DEVIL’s ADVOCATE” I’m telling you, this goes way far and beyond just “ENTERTAINMENT” there’s a lot of fucked up shit going on right now behind the scenes, and conspiracy theories and leading up to the world ending. You would be SHOCKED if I told you which celebrities has the same bloodline as the “DEVIL” God I wish I could tell you more. But for now, i will stop and continue another time.

Just keep in mind next time you see all of these music video’s, if you watch it too much, you too, will be infected and become a zombie, a slave to the GOVERNMENT, without you even realizing it. As for Lady GaGa, she has the MOST SATANIC MESSAGES in her video’s. They used her and use her “MUSIC” and say it’s “ART” but really, its to mindfuck you. Like her new “Alajandro” music video. My god, I couldn’t even BEGIN to point out SO MANY SYMBOLIC SIGNS OF DEVIL WORSHIPPING AND SYMBOLS THAT LINK BACK TO THE “OTHERS”.

I for one, was sent on earth from GOD. To be one of his ANGELS to try to help this world that is half light, and half dark. There is right now a crucial War between good and bad. I am on the GOOD side, and that is why they are always trying to get me. Anyway, there’s more I have to tell you about the frequencies they are sending out via your TV, your cellphones and many more that sends radio waves into your brain to start turning you all into zombies and enslaved under “THE OTHERS”

Now I was hesitant to write this blog as I know they are forever watching and are very POWERFUL. But I feel as a HUMAN BEING, people have a RIGHT to know what is happening to them and I am here, God sent me here, to fight this War against the Darkness and these people who practice Satanic Rituals, that is now being shown on our TV for even CHILDREN to watch! I mean, Lady GaGa hung herself at one of the music video awards with blood dripping everywhere! Now on her new “ALEJANDRO” cover there is a devil-like man carrying her naked, lifeless body, with a HUGE SLIT on the side of her and blood. Yet people think that’s ok just because it’s “ART?” no.

Ok well if you guys are interested, i will tell you more. This is just the first level, i can take you deep, deep, deep into this and teach you so much more about the crazy mad shit that has been going on, and who is in alliance with who. You would be SHOCKED to know. But just know, they “THEY” have been lying to you guys for a VERY LONG TIME!

I gotta go now, don’t wanna cause too much commotion about this before they come and do me wrong again. I will tell you one day how they did me wrong because I knew stuff about them. MAJOR stuff about them and once they found out that I knew, the did some fucked up shit. They own the majority of the media. They can do and say whatever they want, Anyway, enough for now….

As for my fans/haters, who don’t understand what I’m talking about, please disregard this post. But for the people who DO KNOW what I’m speaking of, I will continue to write more blogs like this one but each blog I will leave more and more subliminal messages so that you know more of what I know……

Scary shit,

Forever Yours,
Miss Tila, Angel of GOD.”