Truth Seekers

“Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the all.”


There is only one way to defeat this systemic cancer or virus that is spreading across the planet and through every living being and it isn’t by getting on your knees and praying to an external God for a miracle… I’m sorry to disappoint you if you’re a believer in these concepts but the idea of a savior existing somewhere outside of the infinitely powerful intelligence that is YOU is one of the greatest confidence tricks that you’ve played on yourself… you just don’t realize it yet.

As long as you’re searching “outside” for this imaginary savior to come sweeping down from the heavens on a chariot of fire or something you will be wallowing in self inflicted suffering for a very long time because metaphorically speaking… hell will first have to freeze over. What is outside is a projection of the inside, therefore, anything that is seen out there is really a reflection of what is going on inside here. God and Jesus are cosmic ideas or conscious expressions unfolding from the imagination of an infinitely powerful intelligence that is you and every point of light that exists in this reality… in whatever form.

You, we, us… have ALL created a cosmic drama that goes beyond the comprehension of isolated and limited intelligence, however, because we are currently undergoing a metamorphosis in a capacity that some might call a “spiritual” awakening, where our collective Mind or shadow universe is being illuminated by the essence of truth, we are for the first time in a very long time able to see our own magnificent reflection in the mirror or firmament and understand what it is to be hu-man-e

What we find in the mirror is the divided essence of Love. Individual strands of energy on the above plasma ball do well in representing sentient currents of light that arc away ever so briefly from their source, much like a solar flare arcing from the sun before being pulled back by the power of electromagnetism. The experience is one of self discovery before metaphorically returning home to the ONE and ONLY source.

Do you have children… do you remember them experiencing an arc around the age of 15 to 18 months when they become self aware and were able to recognize the reflection in the mirror. The next look in the mirror is looking up into the universe that is your-self and understanding that your not looking “out there” but actually looking at the reflection of your own infinite subconscious, that you are a universe within a universe.

The purpose of God and Jesus… and of every saint or so called sinner like all other sentient beings that has in the past and to this moment continue to influence humanity is to divert the “collective” attention – to keep the eyes looking in the opposite direction in order to prevent the sleeping giant from waking up out of its own self induced slumber and seeing itself for what it is. There is a process to follow… wheels and cogs must turn.

You have to understand… most people are not ready to be unplugged and many of them are so inured , so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it


The restrictive field that manifests by choosing to put faith in someone or something else blocks opportunities to evolve in terms of developing knowledge and it ensures YOU won’t be looking in the one place that really matters. The place where your eyes should be focused if you want to call on a true savior is an aspect of the self that is taken for granted every day… it is of course the eternal subconscious or inner self… the inner universe. This integral part of the self, this other aspect of you is the original source of all there is and all there ever will be. By using the power of intent to place your-imaginary-self into limited states of awareness where you depend on something else… you are actually holding to ransom the essence of you in a world of virtual hope where ironically… there is no hope.

As frustrating and maddening as the world can sometimes appear externally reality is merely reflecting the inner imaginings of the one-self, particularly now, in this era of global silliness and contrived insanity you should realize, more than ever, in your heart, that there is always a happy ending… and therefore allowing the madness and frustration to consume and eat you up is to allow negative energy to vampire you. The meaning of suffering becomes clear when you realize that spiritual or soul growth can only be achieved when you experience and FEEL all manner of pain. The way in which we experience this pain is to see our-self as something we are not.

As the famous comedian Bill Hicks once said:

The world is like a ride at an amusement park, it goes up and down and round and round, it has thrills and chills and it’s very brightly coloured and it’s very loud and its fun, for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time and they begin to question: Is this real, or is this just a ride?

Every sentient being that is born into this world unfolds from an all embracing source as a temporary point of isolated awareness… or light. In the beginning eternal memories are wiped clean but are never forgotten… they are simply filed away… stored in the Akashic library or on the cosmic hard drive. The ultimate quest is to harvest new feelings and experiences from newly born points of view… but as Bill Hicks rightly observed and then pointed out… life is just a ride…

Call it a lucid dream… a movie of epic proportions or liken it to a fly-on-the-wall drama, in every way shape and form, intelligent awareness is observing these events play out, furthermore, this intelligence participates in key decision moments to co-create reality in real time whilst the better part of itself remains hidden from view. The truth is… we co-create everything – there is nothing we cannot and have not created with an infinitely powerful imagination.

The challenge… and I say challenge in the loosest terms because life and all of this madness is really a game… is for intelligence to once again see itself for what it is… through a web of intricately linked and highly personal mind-opening apocalypses. The ONLY reason IT can’t see itself for what it is at the moment isn’t because it’s too blind or stupid… but because it has conditioned or programmed itself to forget itself until this moment.

Right now in this moment in time individual waves of light are breaking the surface of the ONE infinite sea of intelligence to view the reflection from a myriad of isolated points or nodes of awareness. As a temporary and seemingly isolated “wave” our/your/my understanding is limited because a wave is momentary unlike the perpetual ocean from which it unfolds. The ocean is seeing the waves and remembering.

Forgetfulness is a trait or characteristic that is reflected inwards and outwards in every aspect of creation. At an infinitely larger scale, forgetfulness has been used to hide or mask the true nature of awareness. Forgetfulness has been a welcome break for that part of you that is everlasting and God-like.

Subtle reminders are embedded into life experiences in the hope that one day you will re-discover yourself… there was never any rush and as the Rolling Stones once memorably sang… “Time is on my side”. Listen to your-self. These reminders or jolts come in the form of thoughts, ideas, images, words, symbols and sounds and in other less obvious ways such as dreams and intuition.

The eternal source that is you gives as it must and takes when necessary. You know what you need in order to grow. No one knows you better than you. The bible is part of the cosmic code… like all historical documents and books it contains fragments of a wider and deeper truth, call them cosmic jigsaw pieces, whatever, the quality of this information is like a Mandelbrot fractal in that it contains memories or information about the entire whole.

It is these pieces of information that are designed to jolt awareness into remembering who and what it is and thus initiate the long and sometimes painful process of self discovery or awakening… this is an intelligent process that “feels” its way and is deeply troublesome for those experiencing it. However, its important to remember that everything happens as it should and that you are never somewhere that you are not meant to be.

This is a game of cosmic hide and seek and the full magnitude stretches way beyond the scope of many people’s vision and imagination, at least for the time being… but that doesn’t mean everyone will always be blind to what has been hidden, it simply means that some people are just not ready for the veil to be lifted, but then that shouldn’t come as a surprise because the game hasn’t been made easy… it’s not easy to accept a truth that is too blinding to see.

But Love will find a way, so for now, but not for very much longer, the game plays out, a game that has probably been playing for billions of years… perhaps even billions and billions of aeons… but even billions and billions of aeons for immortality is a drop in its own never ending ocean of potential.

The experience that is collectively known as “mankind” is a life-like dream based on the idea of helplessness. As a so-called species, mankind has been led to believe it is the victim of unpredictable circumstances and that it has been born into an unwelcoming and cold mechanistic universe, that it is some tiny insignificant dot unable to save itself… in short, the collective experience is guided to view itself as something it is not… this is part of the show, the game, the bigger dilemma in which you star.

The reason that life with all its thrills and spills feels so real is because it has been designed this way… experience has to be what it is, it has to be fantastically surreal in order for you to come into contact with the most breathtaking FEELINGS of adventure and perhaps discover something new about yourself. This is the ultimate desire – to learn something new.

So remember, even those playing the bad guys… and you know the ones… the ones you constantly fret and worry about – the ones that waltz around the planet thinking they are the chosen ones whilst causing all manner of destruction… well, they too are role playing a fantasy in blissful pig ignorance… they have no more or no less importance in the grand scheme of things than you do. They are no more or no less sovereign than you.

The ultimate truth is that you and collectively WE (even them) are the all powerful omnipotent intelligence that permeates everything… and it is down to you to individually wake up and remember who and what you are if you want to be the change. You have to discover what you have hidden from your-self… you have to remember that you are the universe, that YOU are the genie and as a genie you don’t ask for wishes… you grant them, because you are the designer… the co-creator, the programmer. The master of imaginings… God.

Life experience gives you plenty of opportunities to remember who you are. I call these opportunities “nodal” experiences or key moments in conscious streams or individually defined sentient wavelengths – they are the points at which potential wave experiences diverge and cross. They symbolize the cross over of paths… the fork in the road where we stare change in the face without even realizing.

Nodal experiences are predetermined points that are often referred to as moments of fate or destiny. In essence, that is, in imagination, these key moments exist before we reach them… they are set in stone, however, the outcome of each moment is defined when we choose which fork in the road to take. Therefore, these points or moments are the manifestation of our ability to express choice through desire – hence we co-create elements of our life alongside predetermined events, subsequently, life is a blend of intent and destiny. Choice represents the potential to change something about our lives in order to make something different. Life is full of this potential.

In the grand scheme of things,  intent is an opportunity for us Mandelbrot fractals of intelligence to personally “sign” our energy expressions… it is our opportunity to continue riding the same wavelength and chase our own tail in endless cycles if we so desire or it is an opportunity to change direction and take the road to truth, freedom and self discovery.

The problem (nudge nudge wink wink) is that intelligence has become so caught up in the real-life drama it has imagined, written, produced and consequently co-stars in… that it has completely forgotten itself. Intelligence is experiencing its very own cosmic groundhog day.

It’s time to wake up… can’t you hear the calling?

The Shakedown