Meditation: Finding Your Real Self
  Meditation is nothing but a device to make you aware of your real self – which is not created by you which need not be created by you, which you already are.  You are born with it. You are it! It needs to be discovered. If this is... Read more
10 Ways to Raise Your Vibrations
1. Find something beautiful and appreciate it. Beauty is all around us, from the morning dew to the evening stars and everything in between. Most go through life not noticing all the beautiful things that are around them, and yes it’s every where, so take the time to notice... Read more
MUSIC: Samantha James – Waves of Change (Kaskade Remix) DEA Bans armored cars for Medical Cannabis Providers! Crazy Cellphone Technology – Batman Dark Knight ‘Sonar’ NSA Decoy Job? Hiding Advanced Spying tech? FACEBOOK FICO CONVERGENCE!? Benjamin Fulford Comments on Syria Gas Attack, Snowden, Assange Bitcoin Foundation meets with 7... Read more
April 5, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: DEA Liars, Protecting from Pesticides, Interspecies Telepathy, Meditation Compassion, Defining WMDs, Gun Control Facts, New Leaks Org
Ways to Protect Children From Pesticides DEA Accused Of Leaking Misleading Info Falsely Implying That It Can’t Read Apple iMessages Inter-species Telepathy: Human Thoughts Make Rat Move Proof: Meditation Makes You More Compassionate Federal Government Redefines Rocket-Propelled Grenade as “Weapon of Mass Destruction” Gun Control Info Graphic Explained Bigger... Read more
November 8, 2012 – DCMX Radio: DynCorp Trafficking, Bermuda Triangle Crystal, Bigfoot in Utah, UFOs in Vegas, Headline News, Natural Mind & Body
DynCorp Gets $72.8 Million Contract Despite History of Child Trafficking Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved According to Top Researcher Bigfoot sighting in Provo Canyon, Utah UFO Fleet Over Las Vegas, Video Quick Headline News Briefs 3 Natural Remedies for a Sluggish Immune System The Science Behind Meditation: Every Part of... Read more
Psychic Protection: Immunise Yourself Against Negative Energy
Have you ever entered an empty room, or office, and felt “uncomfortable”? Feeling perhaps quite happy to get out of that room, or office, as soon as possible? Maybe you have found somewhere that feels “bad” at one time yet feels “okay” at another time? This could be where... Read more
Medical Proof: Meditation Equals Relaxation
How often do you feel stress and anxiety?  How often do you meditate?  Those who meditate can attest that meditation equals relaxation! How do I meditate? The first step is learning how to meditate.  There are many different forms of meditation techniques, and many of these techniques can be... Read more
The Bashar Song – Windows & Doors
Windows & Doors, By Wonderland Cheat Code A 5th Density Production: Thank You Bashar, Darryl Anka, Cody Olivas, Matthew “Cosmic Lloyd” Wilcox, Micah Salaberrios, Theo Whitley, Justin Berrington, and all of our amazing friends who helped co~create such a fun and exciting music video. DownLoad Windows & Doors For... Read more
Purpose Proponents of sungazing claim increased energy levels and decreased appetite; as with other forms of inedia, this claim is not considered credible due to the lack of scientific studies confirming it. Sungazers claim their eyes are capable of converting sunlight into energy for their bodies. They claim the... Read more
How to Tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul by Jose Stevens, Ph.D. (Who is a long time observer and reader of the Edgar Cayce Readings.) “The following is a brief description of the characteristics of five basic soul levels. Each level has many lifetimes of lessons to... Read more