By Mary W Maxwell, PhD

The species Homo sapiens has a fantastic capacity to memorize information. Of course every mammal can remember some things, and so can invertebrates, but I’m talking major. I’m talking about being able to record every detail of what one is exposed to, day after day.
A man named Kim Peek, who passed away two years ago, had committed 12,000 books to memory. His brain knew what was on each page of those books! (His life story was presented in the movie “The Rain Man.”)
A century earlier, Russian psychiatrist A R Luria recorded the case of a ‘mnemonist,’ named ‘S,’ who couldn’t seem to shed even his short term memories, something we normals ­ or to use the current buzzword, we neurotypicals — do after the passage of less than five minutes.
I am here to say something about autism, this article being third in my Autism Ideas series, but I have a hidden agenda as well. I am here to clobber Henry Kissinger, and the many, many doctors who have for decades participated in an evil program of mind control. So there! ­ the agenda is no longer hidden! Mine is a polemical position, and a cri de coeur. Or as we say in the land of freedom fries, C’est un cri de coeur bigtime.”
Dr. Temple Grandin proudly wrote the book “Thinking in Pictures” (2006 ­ free online) to describe how her mind developed. Probably owing to her autism, Temple has a way of storing all her information, all her knowledge, visually. Most of us store it symbolically.
(As far as I know, my knowledge is stored in words, and words are but symbols.) Temple Grandin says, “When I was a child and a teenager, I thought everybody thought in pictures. I had no idea that my thought processes were different.”
Grandin compares herself to the aforementioned guy named ‘S.’ She says: “My own thought patterns are similar to those described by A. R. Luria in “The Mind of a Mnemonist” [about] a man who worked as a newspaper reporter and could perform amazing feats of memory. Like me [Temple], the mnemonist had a visual image for everything he had heard or read.”
Grandin also recognizes an affinity with “rain man” — who, by the way, was not autistic although the movie producers decided it would be helpful to the audience to portray him that way. She says, “When I read, I translate written words into color movies or I simply store a photo of the written page to be read later. WHEN I RETRIEVE THE MATERIAL, I SEE A PHOTOCOPY OF THE PAGE IN MY IMAGINATION” (emphasis added)
She thinks it likely that the rain man “used a similar strategy to memorize telephone books, maps, and other information. He simply photocopied each page of the phone book into his memory. When he wanted to find a certain number, he just scanned pages of the phone book that were in his mind. To pull information out of my memory, I have to replay the video.”
Grandin is ever grateful for her skill at visualizing, as it helped her to become an inventor of farm machinery. She can rotate images in her mind and perform many a neat trick. This was also a talent of Nikola Tesla (and on that note, may God help us all).
All was not advantageous, however, for rain man Kim Peek, who hardly coped with daily life. As for the Russian known only as ‘S,’ Jerome Bruner deduces, from Luria’s book, that ‘S’ was so unselective “that what remains behind is a kind of junk heap of impressions.” The patient “suffered from a failure to organize or ‘regularize’ what was remembered into schemata.”
Amazingly, it is possible to deliberately doctor someone’s brain, early in life, so that they end up with an eidetic memory (one that can photograph pages of books), as will be argued below.
Let’s get straight to the clobbering. Oh dear. No sooner have I said that than I feel guilty. I actually do not want to clobber Henry Kissinger at this late date, but I wish we had threatened him with vile punishment in order to deter him from the unbelievable crimes he has committed. He did his worst in Asia, Africa and Latin America, in other words the developing world (developing? what exactly is being developed, one wonders).
But he did not forget the nation that gave him the honor to serve, first as National Security Advisor — “Just call me Excellency”– and then as Secretary of State — “How divine I am!”
He started to work for the US Army in the 1940s and was groomed at Harvard for greater things. (Actually there’s reason to query whether one can get greater than Harvard in those things, but we won’t go into that today. If you’re not aware of ol’ Veritas’s role in mind control you could be in for a shock.)
By the 1968 election Henry was ready to be Cabinetized, in either a Democrat or Republican administration! That, plus moonlighting in the KGB. The phrase ‘one-stop shopping’ comes to mind, doesn’t it? It does if you be as skeptical of the “Cold War” as I.
You get born in California in 1951 and you think you are going to have a nice life. Oh, but you don’t realize that there are two America’s. One is normal and the other is about as perverted as the human imagination can conjure. Thanks to wholesale importing of fascist psychiatrists from Europe after World War II, there were major ‘studies’ going on in the US.
Well, they were called ‘studies’ — as in “We’ll need new psychological weapons should we ever have the misfortune to be dragged into another war.” (The army is STILL saying that.) But there was also sadism for its own sake.
‘Brice Taylor’ is the pseudonym for Sue Ford, born into a family of the kind called ‘multi-generational.’ Not that every family doesn’t have multi-generationality, but in the jargon of mind control it means that the child’s parents and grandparents were themselves twisted from infancy.
The story is that they were in religious cults and had to commit ritual atrocities. More likely the cabal (a.k.a., the Illuminati), that has run the world since about 1770, made sure to invent cults for the very purpose of producing a ‘crop’ of people who’d then be available as torturers.
Am I sure of what I am talking about? Yes. Excellent research has been published, and on the Internet you can look for “Svali,” who tells pretty thoroughly a day in the life of a cult. Svali also shows how well penetrated is every occupational group, all answering ultimately to the Illuminati. Note: I’d prefer a different name for them, but they do call themselves ‘Illuminati,’ the enlightened (!). Sure, they are pathetic but it is a colossal mistake for us to ignore them.
One reason I’m so confident about mind control is that doctors absolutely refuse to breathe a word about this subject. There are declassified CIA documents galore, on the ‘Net, so it would be easy for doctors to verify this but instead they are silent. Like they have been brainwashed.
Sue Ford, whom I will refer to as Brice, since that is the name under which she wrote her 1999 book “Thanks for the Memories,” was a slave owned by Bob Hope ­ that’s Bob Hope the comedian. (His theme song, you may recall, was “Thanks for the Memories.”) He was ‘in’ with Kissinger. Or they were both in the mafia, or whatever. Brice Taylor was happily married to a dentistry student Craig Ford, at University of Southern California, and was herself a student at Pepperdine.
The fact that her husband did not object to her being regularly kidnapped from the home and consigned to prostitution indicates that he, too, was probably ‘under control.’ Eventually, she claims, their son was also turned into a slave for Henry. (That boy needs Society’s protection TODAY. It is completely up to us to put a stop to the flourishing slave trade in the US.)
Every member of the Secret Service is indubitably aware of what happened to Brice. She had access to residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Av for three decades and was tasked with delivering messages, from the cabal, to various US leaders and others such as California’s governors Ronald Reagan and Pete Wilson.
In her book, Brice says: “Henry spent time at UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute in Westwood, California, in the area where they tested me and worked on my brain with all of their high tech equipment; bright lights, goggles, drugs, electroshock, CAT scan tubes, etc. Henry told me to hop up on the table. The doctor examined my reflexes and looked into my eyes with different lights and gave me tastes and smells and all sorts of things that they said would powerfully affect my brain.” (How interesting.)
“Another time doctors in white coats played perceptual mind games with me at a NASA installation. They put huge eye machines up to my face and had me close one eye and then the other in order to program each side of the brain separately. Some things were then reversed and programmed into another area of my brain through the opposite eye. They called this “cross-programming.” Information for mind file use was stored only on one side of my brain. Then, they allowed me to rest a moment before they injected me with some drug ”
I pause here to apologize to any reader who has hitherto been aware of these macabre dealings that take place right in our ‘university hospitals.’ But now you’ll attempt to stop it, won’t you?
A word about Luria’s patient, the mnemonist known as ‘S’. I suspect ‘S’ may have been fiddled with. It’s true that Kim Peek and Temple Grandin acquired their memorizing ability without being fiddled with. It does occur in Nature (indeed the Peek/Grandin skill is possessed by every one of us, just not in such abundance). But Luria was working in the heady, pioneering days of psychology. And it is now believed that, in Illuminati-land, many scientific achievements were made on the QT, and were given a public debut decades later. (See Greg Hallett on that.) Without doubt Brice had an eidetic memory created for her by Kissinger.
Henry, wearing a disguise, took 8-year old Brice to Disneyland. “Once I got off the ride Henry said something hypnotic to me to lock in the program. Henry put me on ride after ride, and after I got off the rides, dizzy, nauseated, lightheaded, disoriented, frightened, or whatever, he told me to ‘listen intently,’ while he programmed all sorts of things into my mind file system.” (All these quotes are from “Thanks for the Memories”)
“Henry also programmed me in front of a carousel ride. and the files in my mind were to glide smoothly and as easily as the carousel turning. Then it would come to a stop, like the wheel of fortune, at the mind file that Henry would ask for.”
Much of the story takes place well before Kissinger was a member of government. If he wanted to fetch data from federal buildings, for his bosses in the Illuminati (i.e., World Government), he had to steal it. He would often take the child with him at night with his heavy bunch of keys and simply break in. At the Pentagon he had to grease somebody’s palm ­ this could be done with cash or by volunteering Brice’s sexual services (age being no bar in Washington D.C.). He had, in advance burned into her brain a map of the Pentagon’s filing cabinets ­ 12 rows of 12 cabinets.
“Like a rat in a maze, I knew my way exactly to the desired destination and I used a small flashlight that Henry had given me for this purpose. The file area had cameras that filmed the area, like in banks. Those had to somehow be shut down. Henry told me to pull the file, photographically memorize its entire contents within a prearranged mind-file.” Brice had only minutes to do this mental photographing and get back to where the guard was waiting. “There were certain Pentagon officials who were more cooperative than others.”
“Henry was well greased into the inner network of the FBI and CIA. The director was always ‘one of theirs’ [that’d be Mueller and Panetta today], but Henry had a lot of important information to give these agencies in order for things to groove, like well-oiled cogs. Henry had a lot of business with the CIA and the FBI and it was all a big secret. Sometimes it was [coded with] a long string of numbers, or a word like “Ajax” or “coma,” or “barley him “or “make him into a ham on rye,” or “tonight, 3 a.m. Federal Building job.”
After Brice had been with Kissinger for years, she says that he remarked “Like in a good marriage, after a while there is unconscious communication going all the time.” She says: “He meant that it was like knowing each other so well that you know each other’s thoughts, and that’s how he trained me to be attuned to him.” (Excuse me, is this taxpayer-funded?)
“Thanks for the Memories” is not super-affordable for purchase but it is downloadable. I think there’s too much White House sex in it ­ making people afraid to quote it. To conclude this article, I offer the following paragraph, which claims there is a mandatory downtime between the use of the mind-files and sexcapades. (Elsewhere in the book she specifies that it is a two-hour wait.) I shall redact the president’s name — not that it matters, they’re all horribly guilty.
“I was used with President Redact hundreds of times if not more, ever since I was a teenager. He knew that I had to have time in between when he used my mind files for demonstration or information and sex. So having a leisurely lunch provided the time necessary.”
Mary W Maxwell, PhD, is the author of “Prosecution for Treason,” on sale at Barnes and Noble. She isn’t quite sure why she hasn’t been run over by a bus. Still, she has not and so is slogging away with this series of ‘Autism Ideas.’ Maxwell recommends, in her book, that criminal charges be brought against any doctor who has committed menticide (the killing of a mind). That should go without saying, shouldn’t it?