Dolphins & Children with Autism: The Connection

Dolphins and Children with Autism Communicate the Same Way

    by Jean Charles Genet

Researcher and autism survivor Jean Genet believes that dolphins and children with autism communicate in much the same way. Genet believes that the reason a child with autism cannot maintain a presence in (our) reality is due the fact that the brain of a child with autism loses the ability to ground to its physical body. This grounding stabilizes the different frequencies the brain uses to maintain a mental, physical, and emotional connection to our reality.

Once the brain loses this grounding it starts running out of control into what Genet terms as hyper-drive. In this hyper-drive state the brain of the child with autism starts processing at what could only be described as super genius levels. In its conscious state the human brain vibrates between 13 and 30 cycles per second of brain wave energy. In hyper-drive the brain can vibrate at levels well above a 100,000 cycles per second. The only other mammal that can vibrate at this level of consciousness is the dolphin.

Dolphins and humans are very much alike. Dolphins in their presence form have been around about 45 million years. In our presence physical form as humans we have been around about 50,000 years. But we humans have a dolphin’s skeletal and organ structure, and the same cerebral form. A dolphin has the semblance of a thumb and fingers in each of its pectoral fins that allows it to move left or right in the water. The dolphin has the visages of hip bones when it walked upright on land much like a human. We humans are born with a soft spot on the top of our head that is the blow hole that the dolphin breathes through. We humans vibrate between 13 and 30 cycles per second of brain wave energy in our conscious state. A dolphin can move into hyper-drive and vibrate over 250,000 cycles per second of brain wave energy in their conscious state.

We humans can send our energy out six to eight inches from our body. A dolphin can send their energy out over two miles in a 360º circle and everything inside that circle comes back into the dolphin’s mind as a three dimensional holographic form. While in hyper-drive the dolphin and the child with autism communicate through what is known as thought transference. In this state the dolphin and the child with autism can literally read the energy that is being generated by the thoughts of the person/dolphin in front of them and respond immediately. The child with autism doesn’t really need the parents language to communicate. Actually the process of speaking can slow down the ability to communicate through thought transference.

Genet’s research has developed Cranial Dynamics™ a computer generated technology that enhances the brain’s ability to repair itself and ground to its physical body. Once this grounding occurs then the brain can make a proper connection to its mental, physical, and emotional software and begin the process of developing speech. The question arises, “Once grounded to the physical body can the child with autism have both speech and the ability to communicate through thought transference?” Genet’s answer to this question is, “Yes” says Genet. “Children with autism who are able to ground back to their physical body can display the ability to communicate through thought transference. You only have to look in the child’s eyes to know that s/he has already received your thoughts and have acted out a response.”


Jean Genet is a leading researcher in brain wave therapy and has used this technology to end his own experience with autism.
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