A former Canadian minister yourselves it it: «The Usa are getting ready to disclose the existence of ETs while simultaneously demanding to defend us [from them]


ITALY: THE PRINTING – Bush against the Free: from the basic Moon a secret war




NEW YORK.  The Free fly from beyond means century in total freedom on the skies of our planet, the government of the United States develops secret arms to face possible attacks provenienti from the cosmos, from a day to the other one could explode a war intergalattica and the true motive for that was ordered to the Nose of to realize a base on the Moon within 2020 is the will Extraterrestrials that go and come from the Land.


It is not discussed some plot of a book of science fiction but of how much affirmed Paul Hellyer facing a public of students to the university of Toronto during a symposium on the «Exopolitics».


As former minister of the Defence and former vice-premier of the Canada, Paul Hellyer between 1963 and 1967 participated in the meetings to doors closed some alliance Atlantic and was particularly to the running one of the secrets of the Norad – the aerial order American-Canadian that keeps watch on every motion on the skies of the Nordamerica – but up to now never had spoken with so much clarity, simply.


Without to reveal the sources of the actual information Hellyer began affirming that «the Free are real just like the aerial that fly above our witnesses» and admitted to be «really worried for the results of a war intergalattica that could explode in any moment».  To its warning the United States came to knowledge of the existence of the Free in 1947 when cadde on Roswell, in New Mexico, what a lot of witnesses descrissero like a «flying disk» before the denials arrived at rain from the soldiers of Washington.


«The relevant level of secrecy to how much happened at Roswell was sin from the beginning without comparisons – explained the former official to the Defence – and the large majority of the highs officials and of the politicians of the United States, without to count the pure and simple ministers of the Defence, did not come ever informed of nothing».  Alone the presidents of the United States and little other have been therefore from 1947 to the running one of the truth on the origin of the restive harvests to Roswell and of the successive made discoveries in the base of the Nevada «Area 51» on the traffic of the Free on the skies of the Land.  «A result of these knowledge – added Hellyer facing a public that a prophet acclaimed it like – is that the United States are getting ready for some time a special type of armaments that could be used against him you alienate and that risk to hurl all we in a war intergalattica without to have not even the smaller rumor of how much is about to happen».


Actual to this scenery the decision would be bound taken from the American president, George W. Bush, in the beginning of 2004 to ask to the Nose of to build a «base on the Moon» within and not beyond 2020.  Even though Bush have affirmed to want use it like springboard for the human exploration of the solar system the former minister hung it otherwise: «This installation will agree to the Americans of to observe better the I deal of Free that direct themselves towards the Land and then return towards the space and also of to hit them and to beat down them if will decide to do it».  Also the new space generation of arms that the Pentagon is developing – the budget of 2005 expected the allocation of the first funds – would be bound to the possible scenery of a war intergalattica.


«It the moment arrived it to lift the veil of secrecy that surrounds the existence of the Free – finished the former minister – and of to make to emerge the truth so that the people is put to knowledge of one of the more important problems than the Land is found to confront».  To I continue some speech of Hellyer three organizations not-governmental Canadians – driven from the institute for the cooperation in the space – have asked to the national commission Safety of the Senate of Ottawa of to open a question on the Free, convening to put down under oath do not only the former minister but also the summits of the intelligence, the present commanders and passed some Norad and the expert utmost scientific Canada.  The organizations not-governmental ask also to the premier Paul Martin to give beginning to the project «A ten-day period of contacts» to accompany the population to the knowledge of the Free that surround us.