Peter Kirby: Enron, Bush, Chemtrails, & a History of Weather Derivatives
A History of Weather Derivatives Facts lead me to speculate that the chemtrails so often seen in our skies are sprayed for financial gain. Chemtrails are admittedly sprayed as part of weather modification programs. There are two large financial markets that rise and fall with the weather; the weather... Read more
Election Riggers Exposed: So Black Box Voting Gets DMCA Threat from Accenture
From: “Bev Harris” <> Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 10:30:03 -0400 Subject: Accenture hits BBV with Cease & Desist Demand To support the work of Black Box Voting: You can discuss this here:​forums/messages/8/82118.html Amazingly, Accenture, which sold its crap-on-a-stick high-school sophomoric completely insecure malfunctioning voter registration software... Read more
Election 2012: The Koch Brothers, Super PACs, and Bundlers
ProPublica rounds up the best investigative reporting on campaign finance. This week, we’re exposing the world of campaign finance post-Citizens United, the 2010 Supreme Court case that opened the door to super PACs. The stories fall into three categories: donor profiles, pieces on super PACs, and scandals (though as... Read more
Software programmer says US elections are rigged and that US Representatives tried to pay him to rig their election vote counts. Read more