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Decrypted Matrix Truth Seekers Archive
 InfoGraphic: Where Does Gitmo Fit In? The Long, Winding History of Prison Camps
The history of prison camps dates way back to the dawn of time, with victorious battles leading to enslavement and eventual death for the defeated. In the middle ages, these practices moved to trades and ransoms. From those ancient times until now, civilizations have battled on how to properly... Read more
The 10 Major Food Companies – Flowchart Infographic
  Wholesale and distribution A vast global transportation network is required by the food industry in order to connect its numerous parts. These include suppliers, manufacturers, warehousing, retailers and the end consumers. There are also companies that add vitamins, minerals, and other necessary requirements during processing to make up... Read more
CISPA: What Is It and How Is It Like SOPA? (infographic)
Check out this infographic on the Cyber Intelligence Sharing & Protection Act (CISPA), a bill making its way through U.S. Congress now. Why are Facebook, AT&T and various other tech companies supporting it? Click here to see why those company reps say they are pro CISPA. CISPA infographic. Proponents say it’s about national... Read more
The Rise of the Hacktivist
Rise of the Hacktivist: From /b, to Scientology, to the Arab Spring, Through HBGary up to LulzXmas Read more