Kurt Nimmo
December 14, 2010

Richard Holbrooke, Obama’s point man on Pakistan and Afghanistan, has died following a second round of surgery to treat a heart condition. Officialdom and the corporate media are in mourning. Praise for the one-worlder gluts the media.


“The international community is praising the legacy of veteran U.S. diplomat Richard Holbrooke, who died Monday at the age of 69 while serving as the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan,” reports the CIA propaganda outfit, Voice of America.

“You’ve got to stop this war in Afghanistan,” he told his Pakistani surgeon before he was sedated for his final surgery, according to the Washsington Post.

Holbrooke was Clinton’s ambassador to Germany. He was a Wall Street investment banker and a senior advisor to Lehman Brothers, the global financial services corporation that cooked its books at the end of each quarter to make its finances appear less shaky than they really were.

He was also a former Vice Chairman of Credit Suisse First Boston.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Holbrooke was among prominent politicians who may have received favorable mortgage deals from Countrywide, the failed mortgage lender. Countrywide’s V.I.P program may have bent rules to offer Holbrooke and his family members a multitude of better mortgage deals which saved them thousands of dollars on interest payments.

He brokered a “peace treaty” with Yugoslavia’s Milosovic under the threat of NATO airstrikes. In 1999, Clinton unleashed the U.S. military on Yugoslavia for 78 days. The Pentagon dropped 20,000 tons of bombs and killed thousands of women, children, and men.

Richard Holbrooke was an ardent globalist. Along with the notorious war criminal Henry Kissinger and his boss, the globalist kingpin David Rockefeller, Holbrooke was a member of the American Friends of Bilderberg.

He was a member of the board of directors of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York and formerly served on the Advisory Board of the National Security Network, an organization founded by Rand Beers, who now serves as a bureaucrat in the Department of Homeland Security.

Holbrooke was also a member of the globalist outfit the Trilateral Commission along with his buddy, Henry Kissinger.

The CFR, Bilderbergers, and the Trilateral Commission are dedicated to stripping U.S. sovereignty and creating world government.

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It is interesting Holbrooke, as Obama’s point man in Afghanistan and Pakistan, called for an end to the occupation of Afghanistan. It is tantamount to a deathbed conversion to peace and sanity by a globalist who was responsible in part for the continued destruction of that impoverished country.