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Florida cop arrested for wearing ‘Anonymous’ mask warns ‘there’s a war coming’
  The police officer arrested for refusing to remove his “Anonymous” mask at an anti-Obamacare rally gave an interview to Red Pill Philosophy and WeAreChange in which he said that “there’s a war coming” and “it’s time to fight.” Ericson Harrell wore the Guy Fawkes mask, he said, because... Read more
Free Speech Zones Alert: Secret Service Refused to Let College Students Protest Biden
Secret Service officials refused to allow protesting students at Wright State University to assemble within one-quarter mile of Vice President Joe Biden during his visit last week. “The Secret Service respects everyone’s right to freedom of speech but we also have a duty to provide a safe and secure... Read more
Corrupted Companies Supporting Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011
H.R. 3523 – Letters of Support AT&T Boeing BSA Business Roundtable CSC COMPTEL CTIA – The Wireless Association Cyber, Space & Intelligence Association Edison Electric EMC Exelon Facebook The Financial Services Roundtable IBM Independent Telephone & Telecommunications Alliance Information Technology Industry Council Intel Internet Security Alliance Lockheed Martin Microsoft... Read more
Jury Says Blogger Has To Pay For His Words Even Though He Did Not Lie
David Makarewicz, Contributing Writer Activist Post March 14th, 2011 On Friday, a Minnesota jury found that a blogger must pay $60,000 in damages because of statements he published in his blog about a public figure who was subsequently fired from his job.  Internet publishers and free speech advocates should... Read more