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Thomas Edwin Castello is currently living in exile in a European country that, for obvious reasons cannot be named. He is living under an identity that protects his well-being and allows him to live a ‘normal’ life. I met Thomas a number of years ago and have known him by his alternate identity up until around two weeks ago. Thomas has recently been diagnosed with a terminal cancer related illness and is compiling what he calls a final document detailing his experiences as a Senior Security Technician at the Dulce underground facility in New Mexico.

Now to make it clear I have never had any interest in UFO’s etc. Thomas has filled me in on his story and asked me to post on all the major forums and contact all the key players in the field.

What he has asked me to do is gather a list of questions that people would like answering about his time at the Dulce NM base. He has already fleshed out what is currently available online. He also want to make it clear that he has made preparations for info that he ‘smuggled’ out of the base to be copied and forwarded to major media outlets in time for the start of 2010. All original recipients of the info, or in cases where they have passed away the designated secondary recipients are aware of the situation and are processing the documents as we speak.

Thomas doubts that mainstream media will take the info seriously due to the subject matter but feels its worth a shot. The information is also being compiled into PDF format for distribution on the internet. I will be responsible for the online distribution of this material. As it stands the info will not be posted to forums. It will be hosted on a private and secure server. When available, details on how to view and download the material will be made available. I would like to make it clear that this info will be freely available.

If you would like any more info please post below. Dont forget, please also post any questions for Thomas here. I will compile tem and get them to him ASAP.

Thanks for listening.


Please find below two of the original Dulce base photographs. These two photos have been scanned from the originals which have caption ‘stickers’ on the corners detailing the location of each photo. The photos were then cropped and saved by myself in Photoshop CS4 ready for upload. I have hosted these temporarilly on the ImageShack hosting service but they will more than likely not be on there for long so I suggest you download them to you computers and examine them at your leisure. 

Photo #1 (above) – Caption reads ‘Naturally Formed Hallway (Section-D L3-d)‘ – This photo was taken on the North side of level 3 of the base. The caption says ‘naturally formed’ hallway but some man power went into getting it to the stage it is at in the photo. The general hallway was there originally but for it to become a usable section of level 3 there was some excavation work that took place. The hallway leads from a large storage warehouse to the mobile transportation maintenance area. This maintenance area is where the ‘golf carts’ and other means of getting around the base were serviced and maintained. It is clear to see the lighting setup in the hallway which contrary to belief was extremely primitive. You can see a ‘cattle grid’ on the floor to the right of the photo, underneath here was a large storage area (The cattle grid was actually a metal hatch that opened up to allow access). Being stored underneath the hatch were around 100 large barrels containing fuel and other liquids that powered machinery and vehicles. These storage hatches appeared all over the base. The sign above the hatch reads ‘Flammable Material’. It should be noted that this was not the main access route to the maintenance area.


Photo #2 (above) – Caption reads Shuttle System Station Const. (Section-D L4-4)‘ – This particular photo shows construction work on a new station/drop-off point on level 4 of the facility. you can just about see the excavated area where the access platform was to be built. Inside the tunnel you can see the tracks on the right hand side of the wall. the tracks are usually on the floor of the tunnel but when construction work takes place they can be moved up the walls and locked into position to allow easy access for workers and machinery. You may question why there is a standard looking track in the tunnel and not some electro-magnetic system, well, much of the information about the facility is false. It is true that some of the lifts and transportation devices on levels 5, 6, and 7 were powered by an electro-magnetic system but the systems on levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 were more recognisable technology. The reason for this is that there would be important visitors to the facility on a regular basis. These visitors usually had no idea about the nature of the facility and were only shown the first 2 levels. Some visitors did go down as far as level 4. Another reason is that levels 1-4 were simply not big enough to require exotic shuttle/lift systems unlike the deeper levels. That said, the shuttle/lift systems on levels 1-4 were very different to what you would see in the outside world both visually and performance wise. Another feature that you may notice on the photo is a large amount of cabling and iron support material on the right hand side. This was buried behind the tunnel wall but once this section was excavated the wiring and supports became exposed.

I appreciate the above images dont contain the most important aspects of the base but there are more to come. Hopefully they will give you a feel for the atmosphere of the facility.

If you have any questions about the first two images above please post them here.



How do you enter the underground facility?

There were many ways of entering the underground facility. The most common was to be shuttled in on the underground shuttle system. There are connections to many of the major cities in the US. You simply drive to the designated building in the city as if you are going to work a nomal 9-5 job, once inside you descend below the building via a subtle access way and board the shuttle. This takes you straight into the base and no body will see you. Other ways to access the base are via farms in the local area. Many of the farmers have been paid off and the farms have been taken over by government staff. The farms are then modified to allow access to the base. The farms are still run as farms to cover up any suspicious activity. Any visitors are either personally escorted to the base or asked to meet base commanders at certain locations in discreet vehicles such as battered up 4×4′s etc. People looking for doors in the sides of mountains and grills in the ground spewing out steam are going to be sadly dissapointed. All power at the base is created using an advanced system originally created by German scientists following WW2. The system uses large hexagonal circuits containing magnets and coils to generate energy from what is essentially nothing. If you have ever heard of ‘free energy’ it is being used in many places such as this. Before this system was put in place power was generated by water from the local area.

It should be noted that many people lived in the facility and didnt need to leave for any reason. Part of the contract is that you have to be comfortable spending large (and I mean large) periods of time in the base. This eliminates any traffic going to and from the area at the beginning and end of every day.


Is the story told by Phil Schneider true(the man who shot a grey) or false?

Phil was at the base between 1977 and 1979 helping out with the extension of levels 1-3. I understand he was there as a geological advisor. He basically helped to create the four caverns that were linked together. While this building work was taking place there would be daily breifings in the many ‘lecture hall’ type rooms dotted around the facility. The altercation you mention happened on level 4 of the facility. There was a breifing for the engineers scheduled in a room on level 3, the room was unavailable on the day of the meeting so they had to use a room on level 4. As the meeting progressed there was a large commotion outsite the room. A small number of Et’s working on level 4 didnt take too kindly to the two guards standing outside the lecture room holding SMG’s. To display weapons on any levels other than 1-3 (Human only levels) was seen as a threat. The guards were unaware of this due to it being need to know info. this altercation led to the death of around 12 engineers and the 2 guards. No ET’s were killed. No Black Beret’s/Delta Force were called in. Phil was in the breifing and was injured. Unfortunately his version of the altercation is false.

Thomas was responsible for the security camera system primarily. This had to be operational throughout the entire base without fail. Thomas also had extensive knowledge of the security message switching and data processing computer system configuration including micro-computers, mini-computers and large main frame computers. The micro and mini computers would be used for interfacing security devices and communication facilities.

At the time Thomas had very good IT knowledge, in this day and age the knowlege of the systems he used to work on is completely redundant although he is capable of operating a modern day PC.

1-Who killed the engineers and guards?

Every death was caused by what Thomas describes as some kind of pulse weapon. The ET’s involved were classed as scientists and were working on technology on level 4 to allow ET’s and humans to communicate more effectively. The ‘box on the chest’ weapon described by the late Phil Schneider is quite a good description of where the blast emanated from. It wasn’t a box as such, more like a belt that straps around the ET’s ‘heart’ area. on the belt is what looks like a raw circuit board. The pulse killed the engineers/guards closest to the ET that used it. The effect was weaker with distance and simply ‘knocked out’ personnel towards the rear of the room.

2-Are these Aliens savages? Are they aggressive?

The ET’s are not savages at all, Thomas mentions that he never saw an aggressive ET either. It is extremely difficult to even perceive their mood as they have literally no emotion and very little movement in their faces. The area around the eye sockets is the only part of the face that he saw move. The event that happened with the pulse weapon was put down to the ET’s feeling threatened.

3-Can they work with the Human Being in a civilized manner?

Living and working with ET’s on a daily basis at first is an extremely strange and surreal experience. Thomas mentions he never got used to walking around the base as coming into regular contact with them. He admitted that it was frightening and nightmares occurred every night. Communication with ‘grays’ is very easy but there is no ‘feeling’ in their words. What people class as greys could never fit into society.

[4-Assuming they killed the engineers and guards can we conclude these Aliens are fast to kill instead of having a civilized meeting of what was happening in the lecture room?

They are very strict and have extremely high expectations of what should take place in the facility. If a rule was broken there was no leniency. When it came to weaponry they did not want to be around guns and signs of aggression.

5-Did they try to mix sexually with the humans? If they succeeded, were any mix children in the base?

They did not try to create hybrids The humans at the base did try to create hybrids. As far as Thomas knows this line of experimentation was a failure. He didn’t see any human/alien hybrids. He did see alien/animal hybrids. There were many issues with this line of research. He regularly spoke openly with scientist with regards their projects and found that combining species is in the very early stages.

6- Did they abduct Human Beings? Took them to the base? What did they do with them?

Abductions did take place, these were all arranged. Thomas didn’t ever see subjects in the base or hear of them being taken to the base. With regards to what was being done to abducted humans, they are essentially monitoring the development of a cross section of society. They were basically doing what we do to them. We experiment on them and attempt to figure out how they came to be the way they are. Much of the testing is virus related.

7 Did they abduct Humans and take them to other worlds? Where? For what?

Thomas did not hear of this happening.

1-What other type of Aliens were in the Base?

There were simply four types of what would be classed as ‘grays’. There were no reptilians or human looking ET’s.

Gray type #1 – 3 feet tall, dark grey, extremely slight with larger than average heads.
Gray type #2 – 6 feet tall, muscular frame, light brown colour, more visual ‘personality’ than the other species.
Gray type #3 – 6 feet tall, slight frame, long features. Pure white skin with lots of boil/wart type marks.
Gray type #4 – 7+ feet tall, Unbelievably slight frame. Difficult to comprehend their look. Dark grey (almost black)

More info can be given on the above descriptions if needed. Grey type #4 looked ‘reptilian’ due to posture and ‘scaly’ skin.

2- Are they still there, and how many species; how many Aliens are in total?

As for as Thomas knows they are still there and the base is still operational. As mentioned above there are four species at the facility. From looking at the operational personnel roster on a weekly basis whilst working at the base the average number of non humans was 1700. It should be noted that this figure only covers ‘operation’ personnel. They were many at the facility that had no role there. They simply lived in caverns surrounding the local area.

3-What kind of powers they have?

Nothing out of the ordinary other than the ability to communicate by way of telepathy. Their technology is what makes them seem so far ahead of us not their physical form and biology.

4-In addition of telepathic communication, did they learn how to talk like humans?

No, they ran a trial using external voice boxes produced at the base but the sounds were unintelligible and the project was deemed a failure. A language of symbols was devised which worked well but telepathic communication was the most efficient.

1-What kind of illnesses they brought?

Various forms of flu. There may be more but Thomas was not aware of any.

2-What kind of things are they afraid of? Are they afraid to our weapons? Afraid to anything else?

They are very nervous and are constantly watching you if you walk into a room. This could be classed as suspicion. They are extremely afraid of our weapons, and feel threatened if they are around them. A non lethal weapon was developed for everyone in the base because of this.

3-Did they take a bath?

Thomas is not aware of any kind of cleaning procedures carried out by the ET’s. What the ET’s did in there living quarters was seen by only a handful of human staff at the facility.

[4-Were they able to reproduce here in Earth? Were female in the base? Were Aliens children in the base? Born in planet Earth?

They could reproduce here although it is a very artificial process along the lines of cloning. The four alien species were neither male or female. Once a ‘clone’ was produced they instantly looked ‘adult’ although they needed a large amount of mental development similar to what a child needs.

5- Any human got any of their illnesses?

The simple answer is yes. Many vaccines in circulation today originate from research into ET viruses.

6- What kind of medications they have?

Thomas does not have any information about any medication used by the ET’s.

7- Describe their body: Usual weight; Strength; Weakness?

Approx weights, same as a small child or young teenager. They have no strength at all. I will put together a more comprehensive description of all four races when I have a little more time.

1-Did they drink water or liquid?

They absorbed a solution once a day that provides them with all the elements they need to survive. This was produced in the base.

2-What type of diet they have? What do they eat or drink? Do they eat human meat, animals…?

Their diet consisted of the solution mentioned above and nothing else. I will go into more detail about the solution when time allows. It will dispel some myths about the ET’s eating humans that can be found around the web currently.

3-Do they sleep?

They rest but it would not be called sleeping, its more like being put into stasis. They can work for a week solid if they have to.

4-Have emotions? Do they cry, laugh, get depress? Do they failed and have practice the known seven sins: “Lust”, “Gluttony”, “Greed”, “Sloth”, “Wrath”, “Envy”, and “Pride”.

They simply have no emotion what so ever. To see a living creature with no expression and emotion is the weirdest experience. Employees at the facility are conditioned to be able to deal with this.

5-What kind of entertainment they engage or practice?

As far as Thomas is aware they do not need entertainment.

6- Do they have a religion? What type?

Their religious beliefs are very similar to human religions in that they believe there is one entity that can be classed as the creator.

1- What kind of tech they use? New technology? Computers, Radios, MP3, I phone?

Their technology is fantastic, I will write a post dealing with this shortly. I will cover technology in general use in today’s society that is based on ET technology.

2. Can they travel back in time? To the future?

Yes, and so can we. The way this works is unbelievably simple. Again this will be covered in the post that I will write covering their technology.

3- Do they need a vehicle to travel?

Yes they use physical vehicles to travel. More detail coming soon.

4- Are all of them have the same type of intelligence or like Humans some more advanced and educated than others?

They all have the same level of intelligence but they all specialise in certain areas similar to humans. Some are scientists, some are specialists in diplomacy, some are military orientated.

Are they good, bad, criminals… or perverse?

They are general good ‘people’. The thing that can make them seem to be bad is their complete lack of emotion and expression.

5- Do they progressively learn? Go to schools?

Yes, they are constantly learning and attend what we would call lectures. I will cover this in more detail when time allows.

6. Do they have access or communication with their planets?

They are in constant communication with their home planets as are some the human personnel at the base. More detail coming soon on this.

7- How is their society divided: Profession (Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers…)? Hierarchy? Type of Government?

Their society is similar to our in many respects in that each of them fills a role in their communities. They abide by a dictatorship government.

8- How you describe the Aliens in the base: the type of soldiers, or doctors, or politicians…or conglomerate?

Could you explain exactly what you mean by this question? Do you want to know what roles the ET’s fill in the facility?

9- What is their Agenda?

Their agenda is simply about learning and bettering their civilization. The way they go about this learning process is sometimes cause for concern. The way they go about some tasks could be considered threatening.

As you can see I was running out of time towards the end of the question so there is much detail missing. If you would like me to go into more detail on some of the questions just let me know.

Good list by the way.