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NSA’s Total Information Awareness Bait and Switch
NSA whistleblower William Binney said some pretty explosive things during his interview with DemocracyNow! late last week, but arguably his most newsworthy comments have thus far elicited hardly any reaction among the mainstream press. One of the most disturbing revelations Binney provided is that the Bush administration’s NSA had already begun... Read more
Vibrations Sent From Smartphone Through Skeleton Unlock Door
NEW YORK, NY — Brian Amento gripped the deadbolted door handle on the display next to him and with a click, the door unlocked at his touch. In his other hand, he was pinching a small metal disk called a piezoelectric transducer — like the ones used in guitar... Read more
Shady Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA
Army General Keith Alexander, the director of the NSA, is having a busy year — hopping around the country, cutting ribbons at secret bases and bringing to life the agency’s greatly expanded eavesdropping network. In January he dedicated the new $358 million CAPT Joseph J. Rochefort Building at NSA... Read more
Everything You Wanted to Know About Data Mining
A guide to what data mining is, how it works, and why it’s important. Big data is everywhere we look these days. Businesses are falling all over themselves to hire ‘data scientists,’ privacy advocates are concerned about personal data and control, and technologists and entrepreneurs scramble to find new... Read more
Bamford Claims NSA Has Made “An Enormous Breakthrough” in Cryptanalysis
Well, it has been the $64,000 question for a couple of decades: Can NSA break something like PGP? While there might be other black world technologies that could be up to the task (there’s no way to know), what we do know is that a practical quantum computing capability... Read more
L.A. to N.Y. in Half an Hour: 10,000 Plus M.P.H. Tunnel Train Used for Underground Bases?
Note: This article is an add-on to our ongoing series, in conjunction with Dr. Richard Sauder, on the existence of a vast network of underground bases throughout the country. Read part 1 of the series: “Nazi Engineers, Secret U.S. Military Bases, and Elevators To The Subterranean and Submarine Depths.”... Read more
Endgame Systems: Hiding Behind Censorship?
Endgame Systems Endgame Systems (founded 2008) has been of interest to this investigation due to the firm’s close association with corrupt HBGary CEO Aaron Barr, their stated intent to avoid public attention towards its work with the federal government, its longtime collaboration with Palantir employee Matthew Steckman (whom Palantir... Read more
Top 10 Places You Aren’t Allowed To Visit
Find out where the worlds highest security locations are. Many are top secret. Perhaps in your own back yard! Read more
Real-time monitoring of all vehicles via license plate spy chips advances in Connecticut
A new bill in Connecticut has advanced the idea of embedded RFID chips in license plates. (PDF) The admitted revenue-generating scheme, which would enable real-time tracking from points throughout the state, was first proposed to lawmakers by former astronaut, Paul Scully-Power. Perhaps even more disturbing than Scully-Power’s connection to... Read more
FLASHBACK: Testimony on CIA Heart Attack Gun
A CIA secret weapon used for assassination shoots a small poison dart to cause a heart attack, as explained in Congressional testimony in the short video below. By educating ourselves and others on vitally important matters like this, we can build a brighter future for us all. The dart... Read more
New Speech-Jamming Gun Hints at Dystopian Big Brother Future
Japanese researchers have created a hand-held gun (pictured above) that can jam the words of speakers who are more than 30 meters (100ft) away. The gun has two purposes, according to the researchers: At its most basic, this gun could be used in libraries and other quiet spaces to... Read more
The NSA – Behind The Curtain
By Deep_Thought Say hello to Mr Computer… As promised, today we will take an in-depth examination of the NSA’s global intelligence gathering network. What you are about to read will come as an eye-opener and represents the current state of the NSA’s capabilities. Some of this will be expected,... Read more
US Soldiers Seen Using Invisibility Cloaking
US Solders video taped using see-thru camouflage aka invisibility cloaking which the government has denied for years.   Read more
Over Unity Magnet Motor Demonstration
An inventor from Argentina has posted a video showing a prototype motor that is claimed to produce more power than it consumes. A video he has posted demonstrates the device in action, and seems to show there are no obvious hidden power sources. by Hank Mills with Sterling Allan... Read more
Whenever the military rolls out a new robot program, folks like to joke about SkyNet or the Rise of the Machines. But this time, the military really is starting to venture into robot-apocalypse territory: swarms of little semi-autonomous machines that can team up to manufacture complex objects (including, presumably,... Read more
Crazy Military Tracking Tech, From Super Scents to Quantum Dots
Scents that make you trackable, indoors and out. Nanocrystals that stick to your body, and light up on night-vision goggles. Miniradar that maps your location on Google Earth. You can run, but you’ll learn it’s hard to hide from a new range of military tech. See also: Manhunt Inc.:... Read more
Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators
By Michael Hastings February 23, 2011 11:55 PM ET Sen. John McCain walks with Lt. Gen. William Caldwell at Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan on January 6, 2009. Senior Airman Brian Ybarbo/U.S. Air Force (Homepage image: AP) The U.S. Army illegally ordered a team of soldiers specializing in “psychological operations”... Read more
THRIVE – What On Earth Will It Take
THRIVE lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream — uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold... Read more
Breakthrough: sensors that can convert thoughts into speech
AP A patient examined during a scan. In a major breakthrough, scientists have now been able to interpret thoughts into simple words, through sensors. File photo A mind reading machine has edged closer to reality after scientists found a way of converting thoughts into words. Researchers were able to... Read more
  AUTHOR(S) Courtney Brown ABSTRACT An extensive remote-viewing study was conducted at The Farsight Institute in March 2010 to investigate an anomalous high resolution image of Mars that suggests artificiality. The study involves nine highly trained remote viewers across four remote-viewing methodologies, all methodologies of which are directly or... Read more
Infowars.com December 5, 2010 Posted in this story is a very interesting PDF available for download here for a 1975 U.S. Patent issued to Donald K. Werle, Romas Kasparas, Sidney Katz, assigned through the U.S. Navy, that describes a dispersion method for a “powder contrail.” As other researchers have... Read more
Too big to fail? That’s been the key question asked of Wall Street’s biggest banks since the September 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers, which sent shock waves through the global financial system and led to the worst recession this country has seen since the Great Depression. But, there is... Read more
Red-hot ice cube by induction heating
  I ran into a cool demonstration of non-contact heating.  Huettinger, a German manufacturer of induction heating generators showed this ice cube running red-hot.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLwaPP9cxT4&feature=player_embedded Read more