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Danny Casolaro – Journalist
Danny Casolaro Journalist, Freelance Writer Danny Casolaro Shortly before his death, Casolaro told people that he was nearly ready to reveal a wide-ranging conspiracy spanning the Inslaw case, Iran-Contra, the alleged October Surprise conspiracy, and the closure of BCCI. David Corn writes in The Nation that the papers Casolaro... Read more
John Lennon – Entertainer, Activist
Anti War Activist.  Threat to the ‘establishment’ military-industrial-complex and war power brokers. Assassinated by well known MK-Ultra patsy ‘Mark David Chapman’.           Read more
Peaches Geldof Murdered By Illuminati & Knights Of Malta For Exposing Illuminati Pedophilia?
Was Peaches Geldof murdered by the illuminati and the Knights of Malta for exposing pedophiles just months ago? Peaches, daughter of legendary rocker Bob Geldof, had recently tweeted the names of two mothers who had offered their babies to be raped by an alleged illuminati member who later admitted... Read more
Pedo Priest Don Patrizio Poggi Claims Vatican Rife With Prostitution and “Satanism” FBI Planned to Kill Occupy Leaders – SHOCKER lol Zimmerman Prosecutor Indicted For Allegely Falsifying arrest warrant and complaint Mysterious Sophisticated Technology Could Rewrite History Beyond Snowden: US General Cartwright has been indicted for espionage Saga Continues:... Read more
11 Secret Documents Americans Deserve to See
Many documents produced by the U.S. government are confidential and not released to the public for legitimate reasons of national security.  Others, however, are kept secret for more questionable reasons.  The fact that presidents and other government officials have the power to deem materials classified provides them with an... Read more
March 27, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio:  Universe Explained, Data Mining Thugs, BRICS bypass, Conspiracy Digestion, UFO Quick-History, 911 Black Ops, Guccifer Hacks
9 Year Old Explains the Universe, the Meaning of Life, Destiny, Free Will, & Alternate Realities Data Mining – Facial Recognition – GPS Tracking by Cubic/Intrepid/Abbraxis TrapWire, Tartan, etc BRICS Nations plan new bank to bypass IMF and World Bank?! Why do we still have Legislators?? WE HAVE THE... Read more
January 3, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: Feinstein Gun Control Hypocrite, NDAA Signed, FBI vs. OWS vs. Bankers, Fiscal Cliff Simplified
Media Ignores Shooting Stopped by Law-Abiding Gun Owner CLIP: Dianne Feinstein Says Her Goal is to Disarm All Americans MR COLION NOIR: You Know You’re a GUN CONTROL HYPOCRITE IF…. Obama signs NDAA 2013 without objecting to indefinite detention of Americans FBI Should Investigate Bankers, Not Protesters Fiscal Cliff... Read more
Global Assassinations List to Date
Assassinations In History Read more
National Counter-Terrorism Center Operates “Disposition Matrix” Assassination List
A wild Washington Post story reports that the Obama administration has been developing plans to “institutionalize” its extrajudicial assassination program. The lede is bonkers: Over the past two years, the Obama administration has been secretly developing a new blueprint for pursuing terrorists, a next-generation targeting list called the “disposition... Read more
Shredding the Constitution: National Detention, Targeted Killing and Spying Cases
Indefinite detention, targeted killing and warrantless wiretapping are hot issues in the courts this week. Here’s the latest: INDEFINITE DETENTION // The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012 provision that allows the government to indefinitely detain US citizens without charge or trial is once again in effect, after... Read more
August 23, 2012 – DCMX Radio: War & Conflict By Design – History of Lying Into War, Weapons Manufacturing Distribution, Divide and Conquer Strategies
Remembering the ‘Correct’ version of History is important! let’s set the foundation for the various methods of lying-into-war, Where and when history has chosen to ‘overlook’. Think-Tanks that manipulate & influence, Power Brokers of the Global Elite, Secret Societies and what some would describe as Satanic Mass-Sacrificial Agreements. Every... Read more
Irish Heroine of Batman Shooting Spree Drowns
It is widely known that victims and witnesses were giving conflicting reports when compared to the ‘official’ version of events. Did Jenny hear something she shouldn’t have? Did she know something they didn’t want to get out? This is far too suspicious… -Max Maverick, DCMX Editor US president Barack... Read more
August 14, 2012 – DCMX Radio: Asylum for Julian Assange & Relevant News, Targeted Killing & Political Assassinations Exposed!
Political Assassinations throughout history, Targeted killing and the Obama ‘hit list’, Black Ops, Conspiracy, Drones, and the technology that makes it all possible. Every Week Night 12-1am EST (9-10pm PST) Read more
Rep Cynthia McKinney: DoD shot 5,000 prisoners during Katrina
  Cynthia McKinney tells CR 10 about 5,000 mostly men executed in N.O. post Katrina     Read more
CIA Manchurian Candidates & Microchip Brain Implants
A group of military veterans in California are suing the CIA over allegedly implanting remote control devices in their brains. They allege the spy agency was on a quest to turn humans into robot-like assassins via electrodes planted in their brains.   Read more
Eminem vs. Illuminati: Marshall Mathers Rise, Fall, Recovery & Lyrics Broken Down
http://youtu.be/Nc2B6a33vao Looking closely at Eminem’s lyrics, he was a troubled man with a talent exploited by the system he let create the rap legend that is Eminem. THIS IS JUST A SMALL PART FROM THE DOCUMENTARY, WATCH FULL LENGTH DOCUMENTARY HERE: http://adf.ly/7PnLy PLEASE DO SUBSCRIBE AS NEW DOCUMENTARIES AND... Read more
Poisoned: Who Killed Former Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat?
Now we know he was poisoned – but by whom? Yasser Arafat died on November 11, 2004, of a mysterious ailment. His enemies spread the rumor he had AIDS: David Frum, with typical classiness, claimed he had contracted AIDS as a consequence of having sex with his bodyguards. Now,... Read more
Top Spy Accused of Being a 3-Way Hitman for Blackwater, CIA, & the Mafia.
Enrique “Ricky” Prado’s resume reads like the ultimate CIA officer: veteran of the Central American wars, running the CIA’s operations in Korea, a top spy in America’s espionage programs against China, and deputy to counter-terrorist chief Cofer Black — and then a stint at Blackwater. But he’s also alleged... Read more
Trail of Death: Breitbart Coroner Turns Up Dead, Arsenic Poisoning Suspected
Veteran Los Angeles coroner forensic technican Michael Cormier had died, apparently due to arsenic poisoning. The 61 year old Cormier was discovered dead on April 20th – the same day the city officials had released their preliminary autopsy report on the death of conservative media powerhouse Andrew Breitbart. According to early reports, Michael Cormier... Read more
RFK Assassination Witness Tells CNN: There Was a Second Shooter
Los Angeles (CNN) — As a federal court prepares to rule on a challenge to Sirhan Sirhan’s conviction in the Robert F. Kennedy assassination, a long overlooked witness to the murder is telling her story: She heard two guns firing during the 1968 shooting and authorities altered her account... Read more
Calling out the CIA: Secrecy Killings
Today Andrew Rosenthal of The New York Times published a thoughtful columndiscussing the untenable position taken by the government in response to the ACLU’s two Freedom of Information Act lawsuits seeking information about the CIA’s targeted killing drone strike program, including its targeting of U.S. citizens. As Rosenthal explains, “the government is blocking any... Read more
CLINTON BODY COUNT: Associates that ended up DEAD
Here is the latest body count that we have. All of these people have been connected with the Clintons in some form or another. We have not included any deaths that could not be verified or connected to the Clinton scandals. All deaths are listed chronologically by date.  Accurate... Read more
“The Warrior Class”: The Blackwater Videos
The April 2012 issue of Harper’s Magazine includes “The Warrior Class,” a feature by Charles Glass on the rise of private-security contractors since 9/11. The conclusion to the piece describes a series of videos shown to Glass by a source who had worked for the private-security company Blackwater (now... Read more
Norway Shooter – Intelligence Black Op Connections
The blond Norwegian, 32, arrested over ‘holiday island massacre’ and linked to Oslo car bomb http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2017709/Pictured-The-blond-Norwegian-32-arrested-holiday-island-massacre-linked-Oslo-car-bomb-blasts.html#ixzz1StfKXvH5 Video from the youth camp in Norway the day before the shooting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eakm0tJqVYE Norway: Mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is anti-racist, pro-homosexual and pro-Israel http://blog.balder.org/?p=1241 Norway backs Palestine bid at UN; gets bombed... Read more
Ron Paul: We are NOW A DICTATORSHIP – Govt. Can Kill Citizens
A remarkable and direct speech to the House regarding the current overreach of Government authority and the plans of Congress to expand War Powers beyond control.   Read more