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Tila Exposing the Illuminati and NWO on Twitter: 1. “If you protest against the GOV…theyll put you in jail and charge you for being Anti-American, when really, you had the right to.” 2. “One World Order isn’t too far away folks. Everything happening now is part of the big... Read more
Billion Dollar Race: Soviet Union vs US in ‘Mind Control Research’
Competing with the US during the Arms Race, the Soviet Union put extensive effort in unconventional research seeking to outflank its rival in understanding behavior control, remote influencing and parapsychology, a new survey by Cornell University Library has revealed. The survey published by Cornell University Library is based on... Read more
HAARP Tornado Distraction Confirmed? FBI Kills Former MMA Fighter With Ties To Boston Bombing Suspect as Plot Deepens Federalized Local Police Helped Arrest Adam Kokesh 22yr Old Activist Charged With Making Threats to State Officials for Investigating Sandy Hook Held without bail? For writing a rap song? Cell Towers... Read more
March 28, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: Robot Service, Location Data Exploited, Mind Control Parasite, Central Bank Warnings, Alien Artifacts, Raw Honey Benefits
The Robot Reality: Service Jobs Are Next to Go Location Data Can Uniquely Identify Cellphone Users Scientists Claim 40% of Population is Infected with “Mind Control Parasite” Forefathers Remembered: Central Bank Warnings Alien Artifacts In Lost Tomb Of Alexander The Great Found In Illinois Caves Illegal Pictures From Atop... Read more
FLASHBACK: Paul Harvey Wise Whistleblower – “If I Were The Devil”
http://youtu.be/H3Az0okaHig Long time radio newsman/commentator Paul Harvey created the original of this homily around 1965. It was updated as the years went by and therefore versions of it vary over time. This one is probably from about 1996. It is a warning to America about its own decay. Read more
The James Holmes Conspiracy (2012 Full Documentary)
For those who do not believe the story we are being told by the government and media. The James Holmes Conspiracy. Several witness testimonies, news reports, theories and ideas behind the motives of the crime. Topics discussed include the second suspect, weapons, police audio analysis, James Holmes education and... Read more
August 27, 2012 – DCMX Radio: Mind Control & Programming, MK-Ultra, Handlers, Victims, Think-Tanks, Hidden Rituals, and How to De-Program!
Conditioning the Masses with Mind Control, Conditional Programming, CIA origins and MK-Ultra. Uses for Mind Control, How to Split the Personality, Famous Mind Control Patsies and How-to-Deprogram, Techniques & Practice. Project Paperclip, NAZI Connections, Human Experimentation, and how Hollywood Productions imitate Reality Every Week Night 12-1am EST (9-10pm PST) Read more
Fluoride and The Pineal Gland: Know the Truth
The single animal study of pineal function indicates that fluoride exposure results in altered melatonin production and altered timing of sexual maturity. Whether fluoride affects pineal function in humans remains to be demonstrated. The two studies of menarcheal age in humans show the possibility of earlier menarche in some... Read more
CIA Manchurian Candidates & Microchip Brain Implants
A group of military veterans in California are suing the CIA over allegedly implanting remote control devices in their brains. They allege the spy agency was on a quest to turn humans into robot-like assassins via electrodes planted in their brains.   Read more
The Stargate Project : Psychic Warriors and the CIA
Metaphysical and psychic phenomena have long existed on the fringes of conventional science and academia. ESP, Clairvoyance, Telekinesis and Astral traveling have all been relegated to the back seat of mainstream, accepted belief systems in spite of an extensive mention of these practices down the ages, across myriad cultures.... Read more
Bach’s Classical Music: Cryptic Code Discovered, Programming Leak Substantiated?
From Project Camelot: I found the following article re “Bach’s Cryptic code imbedded in his music uncovered” from World News Tomorrow http://www.worldnewstomorrow.com/?p=2452 This substantiates the following: *** A recent source has revealed that Bach’s music contains a very precise hidden code that was used to control humanity from the time... Read more
Aurora Massacre: Several Links Between James Holmes and US Gov’t Research
WASHINGTON — James Holmes, the 24-year old suspect in the mass shooting of Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” movie goers in Aurora, Colorado that left 12 people dead and 58 injured, has had a number of links to U.S. government-funded research centers. Holmes’s past association with government research projects... Read more
Mind Control and the New World Order
On 28 November 1953, at 2 am, a man crashed through a closed window and fell to his death from the 10th floor of the Statler Hotel in New York City. He was identified as Frank Olson, a bacteriologist with the US Army Research Center at Fort Detrick, Maryland.... Read more
10 Reasons Why Reality Is A Collective Dream
 The government beast to the people: sleep now, little child. Everything is going to be alright. Mommy and I are not going to let anyone hurt you. 1. The Western media is keeping mainstream Western consciousness in a state of sleep. It is doing this in order to suppress... Read more
Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control
Monarch Programming is a method of mind control used by numerous organizations for covert purposes. It is a continuation of project MK-ULTRA, a mind-control program developed by the CIA, and tested on the military  and civilians. The methods are astonishingly sadistic (its entire purpose is to traumatize the victim) ... Read more
Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging – Full Movie (Documentary)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDlH9sV0lHU This video provides the facts about psychotropic drugs and the huge profits they create for the pharmaceutical industry. These drugs are not safe and have not been on the market long enough to provide sufficient long term studies regarding their effects. These drugs do cause addiction, however most... Read more
NSA Wistleblower James Casbolt Part Two: Project IBIS
What follows was sent to me by Michael Prince aka James Casbolt. I cannot confirm or substantiate this information at this time but publish it with the proviso to let the viewer decide… Kerry Lynn Cassidy Project Camelot Janary 29, 2012 SECTION TWO Life Extension- The Chronicles of Michael... Read more
Terror and Terrorism are Meaningless Propaganda Terms
The entire concept of a “Terrorism expert” is invalid, as it is an honorific title typically assigned due to ideology and interests served rather than actual expertise. In U.S. political and media discourse, Terrorism means little more than: that which America’s Enemies du Jour (generally Muslim Enemies) do to... Read more
The Story of James Casbolt & Project Mannequin
James Casbolt has written one of the most revealing exposes to date on secret government operations and the ultra secret NSA mind control operation called Project Mannequin. While he reviews known specifics of government involvement with aliens, much of his information is new, especially with regards to U.K. underground... Read more
A French woman claiming to have been brainwashed by the secretive Catholic society Opus Dei is suing it for allegedly keeping her illegally as a domestic servant, she told AFP Tuesday. The statue of the founder of Opus Dei, St Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer is blessed by Pope Benedict... Read more
  During the most critical part of this interview, an overwhelming ‘static’ forces itself upon the audio/video equipment.  Listen closely and prepare for an extremely empowering, yet controversial and disturbing possiblity. This trusted M.D. shows how his research links pineal gland ‘suppression’ to 3g and upcoming 4g cell phone... Read more
The Science of Mind Control: Several mind manipulation techniques used by every government in the world. Read more