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Top 10 Places You Aren’t Allowed To Visit
Find out where the worlds highest security locations are. Many are top secret. Perhaps in your own back yard! Read more
Syrian Girl Exposes Al-CIA-da
Alex talks with a young woman going by the moniker of “Syrian Girl” who recently posted a video breaking down the role of the U.S. and Israel in provoking unrest in Syria. She also eloquently dismantles the myth of al-Qaeda, the CIA created terror group. Source: http://www.infowars.com/syrian-girl-exposes-al-cia-da/ Read more
Arab League Report Provides Evidence CIA, MI6, Mossad Behind Violence in Syria
Excerpts from the Arab League observers’ report on Syria make it clear that the establishment media is only telling part of the story and exaggerating violence by the al-Assad government and its police and military. The report mentions an “armed entity’ that is killing civilians and police and conducting... Read more
FLASHBACK: Testimony on CIA Heart Attack Gun
A CIA secret weapon used for assassination shoots a small poison dart to cause a heart attack, as explained in Congressional testimony in the short video below. By educating ourselves and others on vitally important matters like this, we can build a brighter future for us all. The dart... Read more
SECRECY: The Hidden Agenda
Secrets are More Often Conspiracies and Shame and Seldom are National Security Let’s start this out with an attention grabber.  Out there, somewhere is a photograph of Osama bin Laden and George H. W. Bush, shaking hands in the White House.  It exists.  There is this and more, so... Read more
U.S. Special Ops ‘Spy’ Plane Crashes in Africa Killing Four
NAIROBI, Kenya (The Blaze/AP) — An American reconnaissance plane crashed 6 miles (10 kilometers) from the only U.S. base in Africa, killing four service members on board, after returning from a mission in support of the war in Afghanistan, the military said Monday.The statement said that the crash occurred... Read more
Hacking History: Anonymous & Wikileaks Correlated
REPORTS: CIA & DEA Training ZETAs and Fueling Cartel War
The Central Intelligence Agency was intimately involved with the federal government’s infamous “Operation Fast and Furious” scheme to send American weapons to Mexican drug cartels while simultaneously working with other agencies allowing narcotics to be shipped over the border, according to a series of explosive reports. Citing an unnamed... Read more
MAP: CIA Interventions Since World War II
invasions … bombings … overthrowing governments … occupations … suppressing movements for social change … assassinating political leaders … perverting elections … manipulating labor unions … manufacturing “news” … economic and political sanctions … death squads … torture … biological warfare … depleted uranium … drug trafficking … mercenaries... Read more
THROWBACK: Ron Paul Confirms CIA Drug Trafficking
http://youtu.be/SBh_hzU-jdI Released on April 13, 1989, the Kerry Committee report concluded that members of the U.S. State Department “who provided support for the Contras were involved in drug trafficking…and elements of the Contras themselves knowingly received financial and material assistance from drug traffickers.” In 1996 Gary Webb wrote a... Read more
Obama Food Czar Is Former Monsanto Exec
Obama Food Czar Is Former Monsanto Exec, One of the Four Horsemen of the Food Apocalypse – It’s not enough that former Monsanto executive Michael Taylor is the Food Czar in Obama`s administration. Monsanto recently purchased Xe Intelligence Services. Xe is the new name for Blackwater, the largest private... Read more
WAR ON DRUGS: US military Admits Guarding, Assisting Lucrative Opium Trade In Afghanistan
(NaturalNews) Afghanistan is, by far, the largest grower and exporter of opium in the world today, cultivating a 92 percent market share of the global opium trade. But what may shock many is the fact that the US military has been specifically tasked with guarding Afghan poppy fields, from... Read more
Norway Shooter – Intelligence Black Op Connections
The blond Norwegian, 32, arrested over ‘holiday island massacre’ and linked to Oslo car bomb http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2017709/Pictured-The-blond-Norwegian-32-arrested-holiday-island-massacre-linked-Oslo-car-bomb-blasts.html#ixzz1StfKXvH5 Video from the youth camp in Norway the day before the shooting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eakm0tJqVYE Norway: Mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is anti-racist, pro-homosexual and pro-Israel http://blog.balder.org/?p=1241 Norway backs Palestine bid at UN; gets bombed... Read more
Anonymous Service – The Ultimate International Career
ANONYMOUS Service  (a CIA Job Post ‘Spoof”) The Ultimate International Career The Internet’s ANONYMOUS LEGION is the front-line source of ANONYMOUS information on critical international developments, from hacking and weapons of mass distraction to information warfare and political issues. The mission often requires ANONYMOUS service officers to live and... Read more
CIA: We’re Hiring – Click Here To Apply
Clandestine Service The Ultimate International Career The CIA’s Clandestine Service is the front-line source of clandestine information on critical international developments, from terrorism and weapons of mass destruction to military and political issues. The mission often requires clandestine service officers to live and work overseas, making a true commitment... Read more
Yet Another Iran Nuke Scientist Assassinated
Iran: Israel, US killed nuke scientist 2012-01-11 18:49 Tehran – An Iranian nuclear scientist was killed in a Tehran car bombing on Wednesday that the Islamic republic immediately blamed on Israel and the United States, worsening a tense international standoff over its atomic programme. Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi... Read more
ISLAMABAD – Globally recognised intelligence and forecast STRATFOR has rejected the US Central Intelligence Agency claim that the man killed in Abbottabad’s compound by US Naval SEALs was al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden. This was one of the reasons the CIA kept Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)... Read more
Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts
In the case of both Google and Facebook, three talented students in their 20’s came out of obscurity to establish multi-billion dollar enterprises. Do you suppose they had some help? BY SANDEEP PARWAGA (FOR HENRYMAKOW.COM) There used to be a saying: ”No one makes a name for himself without... Read more
Alphabet Agencies CFR, NSA, EPA, CIA, FCC, FTC, CDC, WTF, OMG!  Ironically, the intention behind these acronyms is usually the opposite of its public facing name. Read more
Dr. Vladimer Pasechnik
Dr. Vladimer Pasechnik, age 64, died on December 23, 2001. He was found dead in Wiltshire, England, a village near his home. Two different dates have been reported: November 21 and December 23. Death ruled stroke. He had defected from Russia to UK. He had been the #1 scientist... Read more